Michelle Keegan says she’s tired of ‘sexist questions’ about having children with Mark Wright


Michelle Keegan criticized sexist attitudes – and wondered why she was asked so often about children.
Showbiz super couple Michelle and husband Mark Wright tied the knot in 2015 and just got better and better.

And one thing on the minds of fans is whether they will add a third member to their brood.

But Michelle disagrees with the questions – in particular, why they’re directed at her so often.

“I think it’s different for a woman,” she told Women’s Health. “It shouldn’t be, but it is.

“I get asked about children when Mark wouldn’t, for example. Why haven’t I had a child? When will I have a child?

Michelle answered sexist questions

“I don’t know what they want me to say. I don’t know which is the right or the wrong answer. ”

Speculation was rife after they both shared snaps cradling Michelle’s little nephew.

As fans gushed that Mark was oozing “daddy vibes,” Michelle looked struck by the slumbering newborn baby.

Michelle also spoke to the post about her dedication to fitness and healthy eating – and how she hasn’t always had the same vision.

Michelle says she doesn’t understand why she is asked about children so often

They got married in 2015

Michelle and Ripped Mark regularly post workout inspiration on their social media, with Mark even accompanying fans through his grueling fitness regimen.

But Michelle said her school days were a far cry from the confident exercise guru fans see today.

In fact, she would try to skip all PE class.

Michelle is known for her enviable figure as well as her talent as an actress, but she hasn’t always been so passionate about fitness.

“I hated physical education in school,” she shared, “I would pretend I forgot my kit because I was so embarrassed to always be the last in things.

“In netball, nobody threw the ball at me because they knew I couldn’t catch it. ”

And she spoke about the legacy of her character Georgie Lane in the military drama Our Girl.

Michelle admitted that she felt nerves on day one, wanting to prove she was a “versatile” actress after leaving a gig as Tina McIntyre on Corrie.

* Read Michelle Keegan’s full interview in the February issue of Women’s Health UK, on ​​sale now.


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