Michael Bisping accepts Jake Paul boxing challenge: “You won’t get out of a round”


Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping is set to end his combat retirement to take on YouTube stars Logan and Jake Paul.

Bisping, who has not competed since his loss to Kelvin Gastelum by first round knockout in 2017, is ready and willing to return to the fight and step into the boxing ring with either of the Paul brothers. . It comes after Bisping’s management team was contacted by Jake Paul for a possible boxing fight.

Remember, Paul has unexpectedly become one of the hottest names in combat sports since he punched out former NBA star Nate Robinson last month on the Mike Tyson card (highlights HERE). Paul has since called out fighters from left to right, including a vulgar attempt to spur Conor McGregor into a fight and also a water balloon attack on Dillon Danis.

Bisping appears to be the last fighter targeted by Team Paul and “The Count” calls their bluff. The former UFC champion took to his Believe You Me podcast to take up the challenge and cast some shade on the two YouTube stars.

“Jake Paul, if you want to f * cking go, Logan Paul, if you want to go, then I guess you have to put your hands in your pockets and man up,” Bisping said. “Because you talk shit, you contact my manager to tell him you want to fight. Well guess what, buddy? I am here. I’m going nowhere. Do you want to fight someone? Want to test yourself? Hey, I’m 0-0 as a boxer. You say you’re 1-0, you’re 2-0, I’m 0-0.

“At the end of the day, if you want to do that, stop playing games. You want to do it? I will do it. I am here. No problem. Okay? I am almost 42 years old, I am a former world champion and I will take you to school, my friend. And I guarantee you this. You will not get out of three rounds. It is an absolute fact. You won’t get out of a round, but we’ll say three just to give you that little insurance coverage. If this is a real offer let me know and we will. 100 per cent. Logan Paul or Jake Paul, or both. “

Bisping, who has no professional boxing experience, is said to be equipped to destroy either of the Paul brothers inside the ring. However, the former UFC middleweight champion will be 42 at the start of next year and has not competed for more than three years. He would be a big favorite to hit people like Jake Paul, but you never really know when the leather starts to fly.

What are you saying, Maniacs? Is Bisping vs Paul something you would watch? If so, how does it end?

Let’s hear this!


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