Medicine Hat’s active COVID-19 cases fell by 10


The city has now had 384 cases in total – all 83 active, 296 recovered and there have been five deaths.

There are eight new cases in the city in Tuesday’s update.

Forty Mile County has no active cases.

Across the province, there are 20,649 active cases, down 474 from Monday, and 61,934 recovered cases, up from 1,804.

The total number of COVID-19 cases in Alberta since the start of the pandemic is 83,327.

There are now 1,341 new cases in the province.

There are now 742 Albertans hospitalized with COVID-19, including 137 in intensive care and 744 deaths.

The province has performed 16,353 tests in the past 24 hours.

The provincial positivity rate is 8.2%.

New awareness and support programs are being rolled out in 11 of the most infected and transmitted regions. Nine of these regions are in Edmonton, two in Calgary.

“These worst affected neighborhoods tend to be low income areas where people naturally live in higher density housing, sometimes with multigenerational families which can make it very difficult for families to effectively isolate themselves if necessary,” Kenney said.

In some cases, there are older people in the home, making older people more vulnerable to infection and many in the neighborhoods also have language barriers in English, Kenney said.

COVID care teams will be established in these neighborhoods in partnership with municipal and community leaders.

Kenney says they will provide “on the ground outreach and very practical support.”

“These teams will go directly to these neighborhoods in a safe, coordinated, community-based manner to ensure that residents have the understanding, tools and support they need to break the chain of transmission in their area.

The prime minister said there would be a “massive expansion” of free isolation support to help stop transmission.

The province says people in those 11 regions who test positive for COVID-19 will be eligible for a free 14-day stay in a hotel room, with culturally appropriate food. They will also be entitled to temporary financial assistance of $ 625 when they have completed their isolation.

Dr Deena Hinshaw said hospital figures continue to be alarming.

“As I said before, this pandemic has not ended all of the other health challenges Albertans face every day,” said the Chief Medical Officer of Health. “Babies are still being born, people are suffering from heart attacks and car crashes. Every hospitalization with COVID-19 is an additional stress on our acute care system.

She said everyone should do everything in their power to “help prevent one more person from ending up in the hospital – for our health, for our loved ones, for our healthcare workers and for the system we all rely on.

Hinshaw said that includes not rushing into malls or other retail locations. She said they are legal and that law enforcement can take action against non-compliance.

“We put capacity limits in place for a reason. It is essential to limit in-person interactions and gatherings, including those that take place in malls, ”Hinshaw said.

“It is essential that you stay physically away from anyone outside of your home and that includes whenever you are inside a mall,” she added.

Medicine Hat remains on the provincial “watch” list and has enhanced status. In improved condition, risk levels require improved public health measures to control the spread and are informed by the local context.

Regions are placed on the provincial watch list when they have a rate of more than 50 active cases per 100,000 population. Medicine Hat’s 83 active cases out of 68,057 people put it at a rate of 122.

Cypress County with a rate of 124.8 out of 14 active cases is also on the list.

Brooks (rate of 165.8), Newell County (210.1), Lethbridge (209.1) Lethbridge County (214) and General Manager of Taber (185.5) are also on the list.

All of these regions also have enhanced status.

There are 4,594 cases in the southern zone. There are 553 active cases and 3,989 cured. The total death toll in the area is 52, with one death reported in Taber MD today.

On Tuesday, an AHS spokesperson said CHAT News AHS South Zone currently has 19 people positive for COVID-19 in hospital. There are seven at Medicine Hat Regional Hospital, including one at the ICU. The Chinook Regional Hospital in Lethbridge has 12 inpatients, including three in the ICU.

As of Tuesday, there are 294 schools in the province where outbreaks have been declared. Alberta Health’s threshold for reporting an outbreak at school is two cases in a school when they are contagious within 14 days.

In the city, Crescent Heights High School is listed as having an epidemic.

In Brooks, an epidemic is listed at Christ the King Academy and Holy Family Academy.

The website Support our students follows cases of cases in schools across the province.

Cypress County has a total of 135 cases – 14 active cases and the rest have recovered.

Forty Mile County has 112 cases in total. There are no active cases, 110 recovered and there were two deaths.

Taber’s MD has 292 cases in total – 35 active cases, 251 cured and there have been six deaths.

Special Zones No.2 have a total of 32 cases – eight active, 23 recovered and one death.

Brooks has 1,318 cases in total – 32 active and 1,272 are recovered. Brooks has recorded 14 deaths.

Newell County has a total of 135 cases – 17 active cases, 116 cured and there have been two deaths.

Warner County has 138 cases in total. There are 11 active cases, 125 recovered cases and there have been two deaths in the county.

The City of Lethbridge has a total of 1,276 cases. There are 207 active cases, 1,062 cured and seven deaths. Lethbridge County has 396 cases, 54 active cases, 339 recovered and there have been three deaths.

Figures on are “current at the end of the day on December 14, 2020.”

Saskatchewan confirmed 194 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, including 20 in southern areas.

Saskatchewan has a total of 12,432 cases, of which 4,204 are considered active. There are 8,130 recovered cases and there have been 98 deaths from COVID-19 in the province.


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