Mathieu Van Der Poel wants to run the full Tour de France before his Olympic bid in mountain biking


In 2020 Mathieu Van Der Poel missed us beating the best in the world at the Cross Country World Cups, but it looks like he will be back for 2021 with still an Olympic gold medal as his goal. Heading into the cyclocross season, he told Dutch website Wielerflits about his plans for the 2021 racing season and it looks like he will be riding nonstop in different disciplines. With his current schedule, he could quite possibly be the busiest rider in cycling.
MVDP told Wielerflits: “I’m supposed to do the combination… I guess I’ll start the Tour de France with the aim of reaching Paris. I don’t plan to leave sooner. But I realize that this is not an ideal combination. ”

The 2021 Tour de France is scheduled to run from June 26 to July 18 and the rescheduled Olympic XC race in Tokyo will take place on July 27, giving it just nine days to travel from France to Japan and recuperate for the biggest race. mountain biking year round.

In addition to his goal of at least getting to Paris in the Tour, he also wants to compete in some of the XC World Cups as he hasn’t raced XC since 2019. “I’m a little afraid of that. long time to get to the top of the mountain bike and mostly managed to ride this mountain bike a lot and train specifically on it. With all that calendar gone, I feel like I wasted a year. There is a preliminary timeline to compete in two, three World Cups in 2021 to earn points and limit damage, but that is of course subject to change.

“Mountain biking has become my favorite discipline, especially in terms of training. It is also the heaviest of the three. I have never seen more difficulty than on a mountain bike. It was only last year, when I made the connection with the summit, that this suffering turned into pleasure. The euphoria of a World Cup victory is also greater. Maybe precisely because it took me longer to reach the top. ”

MVDP is still a great driver to watch on the XC circuit, so hopefully everything goes as planned next year and we see him come back between the gang and provide a tough challenge for the other drivers.


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