Marc Garneau CI in North York closed due to COVID-19 cases


The Toronto District School Board has announced that Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute in North York will be closed at least until December 18 due to cases of COVID-19.
Toronto Public Health advised school board to fire students and staff to complete outbreak investigation and conduct further testing for COVID-19

According to TDSB spokesperson Ryan Bird, there are currently 14 student cases of COVID-19. Bird says the school was scheduled to undergo school-wide asymptomatic testing on Thursday, but that will be postponed due to the closure.

Bird said part of the ongoing TPH investigation is looking at the 14 positive cases, but is also encouraging more students and staff to get tested in the coming days.

“What they’re basically looking for is, ‘How is this spread? Is it transmitted by the school? Bird said. “This is a key part of why all schools and staff have been made redundant if they don’t yet know how it spreads.”

There are two other TDSB schools that have closed due to COVID-19 cases. Thorncliffe Park Public School has reported 29 cases of COVID-19 among students and two among staff. A total of 17 are considered resolved.

The school was closed last Thursday after three staff refused to work due to COVID-19 issues.

Tests on asymptomatic students and school staff over two days led to the discovery of 19 positive cases of COVID-19 and 18 classes were placed in self-isolation.

The Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy has reported seven cases of COVID-19 among students. One is considered resolved.


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