Mandalorian season 2 just confirmed two major fan theories


The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 6 spoilers follow.

We don’t cry, you cry! Alright, so before we dive into this week’s episode of The Mandalorian, we need you all to stop hyperventilating for a second and get the big picture. Yes, Yellow Baby Yoda has been kidnapped by Moff Gideon, and yes, this adorable ball of macaroon-loving perfection might turn to the dark side soon, but hey, at least Boba Fett is back.

It’s not quite the compromise we were hoping for, but the return of the Bounty Hunter is still a big deal, confirming not one but two major fan theories at once.


So how did we get to this point? ‘The Tragedy’ starts out deceptively light with Mando and Grogu hanging out, playing ball on the ship. Upon arriving at Typhon, however, the brown substance quickly hits the fan when Baby Yoda unleashes her Force magic, creating an impenetrable force field that the Mandalorian cannot enter.

It’s not that bad, right? Well that would have been great if a certain ship hadn’t just arrived …

Yeah, five episodes later The Mandalorian has now confirmed that Temuera Morrison’s cameo in the season two premiere does indeed prepare for Boba Fett’s return. You remember him? This is the guy who “died” a very embarrassing death Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Obviously, Boba Fett is now alive and well, eager to reclaim the armor Cobb Vanth returned to Mando in the first episode of season two. For the past five weeks, we’ve all assumed that Temuera Morrison’s previous cameo signaled Boba’s return, but there was a small chance that this version could still be a clone or maybe even someone from other.


Very quickly, this latest episode confirms that Temuera’s return as Boba is in fact the real deal, and that’s not all. During this initial encounter, another familiar face returns in the form of Fennec Shand, a kickass mercenary we last saw in “Chapter 5: The Gunslinger”.

But how did Ming-Na Wen’s character end up working alongside Boba Fett? The answer to that is summed up in another fan theory that takes us back to the first season.

In the fifth episode of The Mandalorian, Din Djarin met a bounty hunter named Toro, and together they tried to capture Fennec for a job. Without going into too much detail, things got complicated and by the end of the episode, Fennec was shot and left for dead. But of course, she wasn’t left behind at all. In the final scene, a mysterious figure approached Fennec’s “corpse” and knelt beside it …

So who was this person and why did they want to help Fennec? Was she still alive? In the next episode, no reference was made to this mystery, which went unanswered until just happened in Chapter 14. Thanks to this latest episode, we now know that Fennec was saved by Boba Fett, who helped repair his injuries. with some cybernetic implants.

Mando and the Child in The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 6


Oddly enough, fans have long suspected that this is the case anyway. As Boba approached Fennec’s unconscious body, viewers could hear a clicking sound that was extremely recalling the noise Boba Fett made when he walked in The Empire Strikes Back.

So it’s safe to say that these two reveals likely won’t surprise die-hard fans as much. Many articles and forums have long suspected that Boba Fett was the key to both mysteries, but it’s still extremely gratifying to see this. Star wars the legend is finally redeemed on the screen.

Instead of standing and looking cool, this Boba rips through stormtroopers even before he gets his armor back. It looks like everyone’s favorite bounty hunter has learned a thing or two in this Sarlacc pit.

While a small part of us is worried The Mandalorian The second season got too obsessed with fan service, we’re way too worried about Baby Yoda to dwell on it for long. Now excuse us while we scream at our televisions and pray to Disney for the safe return of Grogu…

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