Man shot dead in front of British girlfriend at Spanish bar in ‘professional hit’ – World News


A man was shot dead in front of his British girlfriend in a professional coup at a Spanish bar.
The 42-year-old Albanian was gunned down on the terrace of a popular British expat and holiday bar called The Orange Tree by a masked gunman who fled the scene after ambushing him.

Local press described his partner, who was sitting with him on the bar’s terrace when he was attacked, as British. The murder took place on Friday evening.

The victim was known to police officers who are investigating the murder as a revenge murder linked to drug trafficking.

The dead man and his partner have not been named and the owners of the Alfas del Pi bar near Benidorm have yet to comment.

Police confirmed on Saturday the dead man was Albanian and no arrests had yet been made, but before local reports said his partner was British they said they had no information they could release. on his nationality.

A man was killed in the incident, in front of his girlfriend

A spokesperson for the Civil Guard, which is investigating the murder, said there were “few witnesses”.

The victim was pronounced dead shortly before midnight on Friday after unsuccessful attempts by a waiter at a nearby bar and rescue workers to save his life.

He was reportedly shot at least five times at close range.

Investigators are focusing on the theory that the murder is linked to a police operation against drug trafficking last month that led to three raids, including one at an anonymous bar in Alfas del Pi.

The operation at the bar would have resulted in the arrest of an Albanian.

The attack takes place just after several members of a suspected Russian mafia group were arrested for money laundering crimes.

A British national and an Irish national were reportedly among six people – three men and three women – detained at the time.

They were all released on bail pending an ongoing judicial investigation after appearing before an investigating judge.

The Orange Tree has been described in the past as the twin bar of Benidorm’s famous sports bar, the Ibrox Bar, which still advertises the Alfas de Pi bar menu and drinks.

The bar where the Friday shooting took place was on sale earlier this year, although it is not clear today if it has new owners.


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