Man climbs the Alaska 737 Wing in Las Vegas


Alaska Airlines flight 1367 from Las Vegas to Portland was delayed for more than four hours on Saturday after a man jumped over the perimeter fence at Las Vegas McCarran Airport and then climbed onto the wing. ‘a Boeing 737.

The authorities were quickly called in. First, the man did some sort of ritual, or something, and then he crouched down and crawled along the wing, to keep from getting mugged.
Finally, the police got on the wing through the emergency exit, after boarding the plane. At this point, the man tried to climb the tip of the wing, thinking he would run away somehow. The man ended up falling quite hard to the ground.

Alaska Airlines issued the following statement regarding the incident:

At approximately 2:00 p.m. PST, Alaska Airlines flight 1367 from Las Vegas to Portland was preparing for take-off when the pilot noticed an individual approaching the aircraft. The pilots warned the tower. The police were dispatched and were able to apprehend the individual. Our guests and employees are safe and we work with law enforcement. The plane returned to the gate for a full inspection.

Hopefully the man was not seriously injured. Obviously he has mental issues so hopefully he can get the help he needs because it’s sad everywhere.

This is the first time that I remember seeing something like this in the United States. Last year we saw a man trying to climb on the wing of an Azman Air 737 in Lagos. However, it seemed like he was trying to hitchhike, not understanding how planes work. He even brought a suitcase and tried to put it in the engine for the flight.

And speaking of something on the wing of planes, then of course there is The Twilight Zone, but I would say it’s a little different from the two situations above, eh?


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