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A large number of trucks are heading this morning towards Dover and the Eurotunnel, Folkestone. As a result, drivers face serious delays on the M20 and A20 like Dover TAP (Traffic Access Protocol) has been implemented. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the truck queues were not due to Brexit start-up pains, but the demands of the coronavirus pandemic.

The large volume of freight vehicles led to the implementation of Dover TAP on the A20 at Aycliffe.
The move sees trucks lining up for miles in the left lane of the A20 to prevent traffic to the port from affecting the local road network and the A20 through the city of Dover.

It ensures that the city is free from stationary traffic bound for the port and helps improve air quality.

The procedure imposes a speed limit of 40 mph on all vehicles approaching Dover from the west via the M20.

This is the third day in a row that Kent County Council has been forced to activate Dover TAP, due to the sheer volume of trucks heading to ports.

Officials believe the influx of freight vehicles accessing ports is due to the Christmas rush, storage and deliveries of coronavirus vaccines.

Motorists also face delays on the M20 between J11 and J11a towards the coast due to the large number of trucks heading towards the Eurotunnel.

The high volume of freight vehicles means that they have started to queue on the hard shoulder.

As a result, the slip road on the M20 towards the coast from the A20 J11 to Hythe has been closed.

The Foreign Secretary said the queues were more attributable to the pandemic than to Brexit.

Asked by Nick Ferrari of LBC radio, are the delays caused more by Covid than by Brexit, Mr Raab said: ‘I think these are the comments and what is being conveyed to us by everyone involved , businesses and carriers.

But the foreign minister admitted that there would be “foam” in ports, whether or not the post-Brexit trade deal was struck with the EU.

He said, “Of course there is some concern.

“There will be changes, scum, at the end of the transition period.

“There will actually be whether we have an agreement or not.”

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