Louis Jadot Beaujolais 2019, Beaujolais, France


Let’s step into the New Year with something light, delicious, easy to drink, and inexpensive. Let’s raise a glass to – and with – Beaujolais.
The region just south of Burgundy (some consider it part of Burgundy) is the birthplace of the still underrated Gamay grape, which produces everything from the highly prized Beaujolais Nouveau to the more substantial and often worthy Beaujolais. age take the names of the 10 villages where these site specific wines are produced. Morgon, Fleurie and Chiroubles are just a few of them.

And then there is the wine labeled simply “Beaujolais”, a sort of catch-all appellation for wines produced (and blended) from all over the region. Although not very high in the hierarchy, simple old Beaujolais can rise well above its official status and feature delicious wines that you can buy cheaply.

One of them is the delicious and expressive Beaujolais 2019 by Louis Jadot. Jadot is one of the oldest and most renowned Burgundy wine merchants, with a portfolio of over 100 wines, of all levels, from Burgundy and Beaujolais. His 2019 Beaujolais is drunk more like a lighter cru – perhaps a Brouilly – than the relatively high volume bottling that it is.

In fact, Kobrand, the US importer, notes that Jadot’s “generous” use of “blending wines of a higher classification to elevate the blend promotes quality and value.” Quality and value quickly become clear in this $ 12 wine.

Fresh and fruity with aromas and tastes of strawberry, raspberry and a hint of maraschino cherry, there is also a peppery note that punctuates the fruit and just enough tannic structure to make it interesting. The wine is made with partial carbonic maceration, a technique commonly used in Beaujolais.

Its lively but balanced acidity makes it an excellent companion for a range of lighter foods. It was perfect with a tasty veal stew made with lots of dill but, most importantly, no cream, which would probably overpower this wine.


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