London, Ont. dancer makes television debut in Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things


LONDON, ONT. – Emily Skubic, 19, is making her television debut as a recurring character in Netflix’s new series Tiny Pretty Things.
Skubic, who is a professional ballet dancer by training, also plays one in the mystery drama which premieres on December 14.

“My character’s name is Lindy. It adds a lot to the plot and the plot is completely dramatic.

Tiny Pretty Things follows the world of an elite ballet academy, where viewers follow the rise and fall of dancers in a competitive world.

Skubic’s character Lindy is featured in 10 episodes of the series. She is known to be opinionated and to have a bit of “bad streak”.

“I love that Lindy voices her opinions… she says things that I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I would never say that, but it’s awesome’, and I loved working in that role.

Emily Skubic (emskubs / Instagram)

All of the show’s cast are real-life dancers and each episode features innovative new routines created by world-renowned choreographers.

“There is tons of art in the show… the dance is the aroma.”

Skubic herself has an impressive CV when it comes to ballet and performance.

Skubic started dancing at the age of seven at a studio in London called the Jo Read School of Dance. There, she learned ballet, dance, jazz, contemporary and tap dance.

Emily Skubic (emskubs / Instagram)

In the summer of 2012, after numerous auditions, Skubic was chosen to attend the National Ballet School of Canada (CNBS) where she trained for seven years.

“It was great… to be in a ballet school. The dancing was amazing, the training was like no other.

After vigorous years of training and performing in the limelight in CNBS’s The Nutcracker, Skubic got the big audition for Tiny Pretty Things and ultimately the role.

“The show really shows the endurance behind the scenes of a ballet school. It shows the competition between all the students, cliques and friendships.

Skubic says the show, created by Michael MacLennan, reveals the trials and tribulations that dancers must go through behind the scenes.

“Especially with young dancers… wearing tight leotards, making people fight for positions, the show tackles sensitive things with dancing… ballet has a lot of challenges that you have to work hard on and Tiny Pretty Things touches on that. . ”

While dancing may not always be “pretty,” it is certainly an art form Skubic encourages others to pursue.

Her biggest piece of advice to young dancers is to keep going even when it’s easier to give up – and not to take criticism too personal.

“I haven’t been told that a thousand times and it just makes me hungry. Don’t stop, you are the only person to vouch. ”

Skubic attributes much of his success to his family who have supported his love for the arts from the start. Skubic and his family reside in the Lambeth neighborhood of London, Ontario.

Tiny Pretty Things is a series based on the novel written by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton, created by Michael MacLennan.


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