Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp says he ‘respects’ Jose Mourinho’s contempt for style | Football News


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes prioritizing results over style is what made his Tottenham counterpart Jose Mourinho so successful.

The Reds boss said in key moments the Portuguese is happy to give up everything else in the pursuit of victory.

Klopp’s side have been applauded across the board for the way they made their way to a first league title in 30 years last season, but he accepts that there are other ways to make the work and he respects Mourinho for his will to win.

“I think with Jose Mourinho’s very long period of success in football he has played just about all systems and a lot of different styles,” Klopp said.

Klopp says he ‘respects’ Mourinho’s focus on results over style

“As a coach you have to adapt to the quality that you have and mix the ideas that you have and that is one of the best skills of Jose Mourinho.

“At the end of the day it’s about getting results and that’s Jose’s best skill because in the decisive moments he doesn’t care about style, he’s just bothered with the outcome and that makes him the most successful manager in the world and I respect that. ”

The two meet on Wednesday in a high-profile Premier League clash, two years to the day since Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Manchester United heralded the sacking of the Portuguese two days later.

In that game, Mourinho sent Marouane Fellaini at half-time in preference to Paul Pogba in an attempt to smother their hosts and leave with a point – but it was a tactic that didn’t work.

Mourinho has Tottenham playing attacking football, but Klopp doesn’t think it’s fair to judge yesterday and today.

“I don’t think you can compare Man United’s last game with the way they’re playing right now. From a level of confidence, it’s completely different, ”he added.


Tottenham have become ‘a results machine’ under Jose Mourinho, says Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp

“Did he reinvent himself? I don’t know – it looks a bit like this when you see it on Instagram!

“But other than that, he’s so experienced and smart he knows what to do. I think he took time at the start and obviously it paid off.

“Tottenham have the quality of the best teams and when they have the ball they show it.

“They are defending like a top team and probably have the best counterattacking moves right now.

“It’s not that they just play a little football, it’s a good package at the moment, but it doesn’t cost me confidence when I think of my team. It’s business as usual. ”

Jose: Klopp is close to perfect

It seems the feelings of admiration are mutual as Mourinho has described what Klopp does at Anfield as ‘close to perfect’.

“I believe that a team to achieve what Liverpool have already achieved and what they continue to try to achieve more, the job has to be perfect,” he said.

“Big transfer window, nice development of the players they had (when Klopp arrived). It is time for Jurgen to establish the profile and the playing principles that would be the basis for the development of the team.

“Then a huge investment in key goals. (They bought Virgil) Van Dijk in one crucial moment, Alisson (Becker) in another. Everything they do, they do it very, very well.

“So I think he’s, he’s very close to perfect in achieving the level of results they’re achieving. ”


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