Live coronavirus updates as Health Minister Vaughan Gething briefs Welsh government as infection rate surpasses rest of UK


Christmas rules being “constantly considered”

Wales Health Minister Vaughan Gething says easing the rules at Christmas is something they “continue to consider”.

But he said he was concerned that a change in the rules now would cause people to “ignore the rules completely”, and worried that this might be the case even with the current five-day easing agreement in place. .

Mr Gething said on Monday that changes would cause “huge confidence issues” but could occur if the case rate remains high.

“This is something that we continue to consider where we are at,” he told BBC Radio Wales.

“We have to set the bar high to intervene and change these rules. It took a lot of work to get a UK-wide deal but all four UK governments recognized that people would be moving across the UK and would have contacts at the interior.

“If we try to make rules where there is only one household able to spend Christmas Day together, we know people will make their own rules. There is a much greater potential for harm, so we have a set of rules that we try to help shape behavior so people can safely make choices.

“We’re asking people to think again about who they’re going to see and what they should do. That is why we must set the bar high to intervene. We cannot define a new set of rules and expect them to be followed 100%. There is a real risk that the rules will be ignored, and there would be a significant loss of confidence in the government.

“It really matters because we still have several months of really tough choices. We have light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine, so he asks everyone to help us and a big national effort to get to that light.


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