LILLEY: Trudeau’s budget update fails the big test


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The wage subsidy will now go back to 75%.

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They’ve messed up the rent subsidy for small businesses more than once, and as part of a large business loan program, have given more consultant contracts than business loans.

The only thing they could have been right is the CERB and its replacement. Strange that their own success is giving money directly to voters while wasting everything else.

In this context, Trudeau wants to start running expensive social programs under provincial jurisdiction. What a billion more in ten when the deficit is so high.

Trudeau’s biggest advantage right now is that no one cares about deficit spending just yet. In the midst of a global pandemic, fiscal hawks are rare. My criticism of Trudeau’s spending is not that he spends too much, but that he spends large sums of money poorly.

Spending large amounts of money seems like an end in itself for Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland.

“As we’ve learned from previous recessions, the risk of providing too little support now outweighs the risk of providing too much,” Freeland said Monday.

“We will not repeat the mistakes of the years following the great recession of 2008.”

Nice dig among the Harper Conservatives, but they managed this global recession without Canada having the highest unemployment or spending rate of our allies.

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As for this financial update providing a plan, it is just a plan to use the pandemic as an excuse to follow through on the Liberals’ spending promises they never thought they could afford. Trudeau’s transformation of Canada is now full steam ahead.


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