LILLEY: Trudeau tries to denounce his government’s lack of details on vaccines


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So, in this troubled situation, waltzed Anita Anand, Minister of Public Services and Procurement at Trudeau.

“I want to address some misinformation,” Anand said.

She said Canada was among the first countries to sign with Moderna, the fourth to sign with Pfizer and that our vaccination program was second to none.

OK, but when we get the vaccine it’s still in the air.

“You cannot circle a single date on a calendar,” Anand said in response to a reporter’s question.

The point is, no one asks for “one date on a calendar”. People are looking for a general schedule.

The provinces, which must distribute the vaccine, must be able to plan.

“The delivery window is in the first quarter of 2021,” Anand said.

This is what the media reported, the government’s words, repeated over and over again. In the first three months of 2021, we will hopefully receive enough doses to immunize 3 million Canadians, or 8% of the population.

By September, Trudeau says that “if everything goes according to plan,” between 51% and 100% of the country will be vaccinated.

The Conservatives say this puts Canada at the back of the pack. A little hyperbole maybe, but the end of the months after the US, UK and other allies completed their vaccination programs are leaving Canada behind others.

Trudeau’s Liberals should worry less about denouncing the media for what they now call “disinformation” and spend more time spelling out the details of their plan.

This is what Canadians need, not conferences.

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