Letting Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed Is Actually Good For You, Experts Say


When it comes to pet owners, some may have certain rules about where pets are allowed in the home.
For example, it is common for pets to be banned from bedrooms.

However, if you’ve implemented a rule like this, you might want to rethink your stance, as new study results have highlighted some interesting benefits of having dogs in your bedroom – or more. precisely in your bed.

According to a 2018 redesigned study by researchers at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, letting your dog sleep in your bed with you is actually a good thing and may help you sleep better.

Christy L. Hoffman, PhD, surveyed 962 women in America, asking them about their sleep patterns.

His results showed that 57% of women shared their bed with another human, 55% with a dog and 31% slept with a cat on their bed.

Those who slept next to their pampered dog were more likely to have a more restful night’s sleep than others, as dogs’ sleep patterns closely coincide with those of humans.

The study also found that those who shared a bed with their puppy were more likely to go to bed earlier and get up earlier as well.

Cuddling With Your Dog Is Good For Your Sleep, Study Finds (Stock Photo)

The researchers explained, “Compared to human bed mates, dogs that slept in the owner’s bed were seen to be less disruptive to sleep and were associated with a stronger sense of comfort and security. ”

Great news for dog owners – but not for those with cats.

The results showed that cats are just as disruptive in bed as human partners.

Feline friends have also been found to be “associated with lower feelings of comfort and security than humans and dog bed partners.”

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