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Diane Lane has been playing for decades, but in her latest film she plays a role she’s never played before: a grandmother.

In Let Him Go, she plays Margaret Blackledge, a woman who tries to find her grandson after the death of her son and the marriage of her stepdaughter.

The actress told Sky News’ Behind the Scenes Podcast that the character is the one who will stay with her: “She moved into my heart, I think she will always be with me in some way, because she is my first grandmother.”

Diane Lane and Kevin Costner are reunited in the crime thriller, playing the grandparents in search of their grandson. Pic: Focus Features

“Strong women come in surprising packaging, and when I say strong I mean not only volunteers, but we have three mothers in this story and we see what motherhood is for different women and how they handle that responsibility and how they interpret their role. ”

The film sees the unfaithful star reunited with Kevin Costner.

The couple played Superman’s foster parents in recent DC films, and Lane says they knew they wanted to work together again.

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“It was just a little too brief on the Superman movies and we just knew we had to find the right material and I am grateful to him for that. [Let Him Go] came my way and I was able to introduce it to Kevin.

“He knows a good script when he reads one, he’s certainly a man of taste and success, so he’s not going to mince his words.

“When he signed I knew we were going to have a good time because of our chemistry. And because the story has so many different pieces that come together that Kevin can embody just with his presence – he brings so much to a character. ”

Kayli Carter (left) with Lane and baby Jimmy on set. Pic: Focus Features

The film, an adaptation of the book of the same name, isn’t heavy on dialogue but it’s clear from the get-go that Lane and Costner’s characters have been married for a long time.

Lane says it’s one thing that drew her to the story.

“It’s a 30-year marriage we’re immersed in and as people who can vouch for long-term relationships, it’s getting less and less without lengthy dialogues and more on, you know, the corner of. the mouth goes up and the others like “What?” What? ”

“Because you can read each other’s body and mind language and know each other’s story so well and know how each other thinks.

“It leaves more room for chemistry to fill in the blanks. ”

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The film also stars actress Leslie Manville as the cruel family matriarch who now has the grandson the Blackledges are trying to find.

Lane is so keen to talk about her British co-star, who star as Princess Margaret in the fifth series of The Crown, which she asks during the interview if we can discuss it.

“Oh, I love her, she’s a great, world-class actress, the fact that I got to work with her in this area and the scenes that we were able to do together was enough for me to want to be in the movie anyway.

“She has such good energy and we managed to have a coffee here or a glass of wine there, and it’s so nice – I’m definitely missing that type of opportunity now with our predicament globally.

Lesley Manville (R) with director Thomas Bezucha (L).  Pic: Focus Features
Lesley Manville (right) with director Thomas Bezucha (left). Pic: Focus Features

With face-to-face encounters off the cards for now, Lane is relieved to have shot Let Him Go last year, before the Coronavirus pandemic has taken root.

“I call it a 2019 gift voucher, great memories – even though it’s a tough movie.

“It’s a smart movie, I think, it combines elements – you’ve got the family, you’ve got the relationship, and you’ve got this road trip of course that’s heading for some kind of misfortune.

“It’s not a fairy tale version of a movie… The way it ends, you just say ‘wow’, and you think things are going to be wrapped up a certain way and then what is it? is not that, it is something else, so he accompanies you in a way that is more interesting, I think. ”

Let Him Go is now in UK cinemas

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