Latest Covid cases for each London borough as rise in infections sparks level 3 fears


Covid-19 is tightening its grip on London with cases on the rise in 25 boroughs, official figures reveal today.

They have shown large increases in confirmed cases in areas of the capital, increasing the risk of placing it at level 3 next week.

The number of cases in Harrow jumped 59.8% in the week to December 4, from the previous seven days, in Haringey by 54.3%, Waltham Forest 42.4%, Enfield 39% and Sutton 33.8%.

Seventeen boroughs saw a weekly increase of more than a fifth, the others being Hackney and City of London, Greenwich, Havering, Kingston, Bromley, Lambeth, Wandsworth, Bexley, Lewisham, Croydon, Southwark and Barnet.
London’s seven-day infection rate rose to 183.6 new cases per week per 100,000 people, from its second peak of 200 in mid-November.
Ten boroughs, including seven in east London, recorded an infection rate of more than 200 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the week to December 4.

Il s’agit de Havering (363,3), Barking and Dagenham (298,7), Waltham Forest (298,2), Redbridge (292,6), Bexley (260,6), Newham (255,7), Enfield (225,3), Tower Hamlets (224,5), Kingston (218,6) et Harrow (213,8).

The disease is thought to be spreading throughout the capital, with only six districts recording a drop in the number of cases.

Brent was down 10%, Hounslow 8.4%, Hammersmith and Fulham 6.3%, Ealing 4.8%, Westminster 3.6% and Redbridge 3.3%.

The increase in the number of cases means the city will almost inevitably see more hospitalizations and more deaths in the coming weeks, however, hospital admissions from Covid are still significantly below the peak of the first wave.

Ministers appear reluctant to place London in level 3, with Michael Gove stressing that the government hopes to be able to keep the areas at their current level or move them to a lower level next Wednesday.

However, if the disease is not brought under control, it will increase the pressure for tighter restrictions.

As the weekend approaches, former Health Minister Stephen Hammond, MP for Wimbledon, urged people to “act responsibly” whether they are shopping, in restaurants, pubs or shopping. other destinations.

“Selfish actions could ruin Christmas with more deaths and more livelihoods lost,” he added.

“Level 3 would be disastrous for London.”

John Dickie, director of strategy and policy at London First, said: “Going to level 3 the week before Christmas would be deeply disappointing for the capital and a blow to the hospitality industry.
“With a vaccine on the horizon, it is essential that we do everything we can to control the virus and keep the economy running. Londoners have made huge sacrifices this year and we must all stay the course.

Full figures show Herse recorded 537 cases in the week to December 4, up 201 from the previous week (59.8%) with a 7-day rate per 100,000 population of 213.8, Haringey saw 526 cases, up from 185 (54.3%) with a rate of 195.8, Waltham Forest 826 cases, up from 246 (42.4%) with a rate of 298.2, Enfield 752 cases, up 211 (39%) with a rate of 225.3, Sutton 356 cases, up from 90 (33.8%) with a rate of 172.5, Hackney and the City of London 528 cases, up from 132 (33.3%) with a rate of 181.5, Greenwich 551 cases, up from 135 (32.5%) with a rate of 191.4, Havering 943 cases, up 231 (32.4%) with a rate of 363.3, Kingston 388 cases, up from 93 (31.5%) with a rate of 218.6, Bromley 606 cases, up from 140 (30%) with a rate of 182.3, Lambeth 424 cases, up from 94 (28.5%) with a rate of 130, Wandsworth 416 cases, up from 84 (25.3%) with a rate of 126.2, Bexley 647 cases, up from 129 (24.9%) with a rate of 260.6 and Lewisham 383 cases, up from 75 (24.4%) with a rate of 125.2.
In Croydon, there were 617 cases, up from 121 (24.4%) with a rate of 159.6, Southwark 392 cases, up from 78 (24.8%) with a rate of 122.9, Barnet 684 cases, up from 117 (20.6%) with a rate of 172.8, Islington 298 cases, up from 48 (19.2%) with a rate of 122.9, Barking et Dagenham 636 cases, up from 84 (15.2%) with a rate of 298.7, Hillingdon 549 cases, up from 64 (13.2%) with a rate of 178.9, Merton 377 cases, up from 42 (12.5%) with a rate of 182.5, Newham 903 cases, up from 91 (11.2%) with a rate of 255.7, Kensington et Chelsea 178 cases, i.e. 17 (10.6%) with a rate of 114, Tower hamlets 729 cases, up from 61 (9.1%) with a rate of 224.5, and Camden 252 cases, up one (0.4%) with a rate of 93.3.
Richmond saw no change with 171 cases and a rate of 86.4.
In Brent, there were 486 cases, down from 54 (10%) with a rate of 147.4, Hounslow 416 cases, down from 38 (8.4%) with a rate of 153.2, Hammersmith et Fulham 179 cases, down from 12 (6.3%) with a rate of 96.7, Ealing 574 cases, down from 29 (4.8%) with a rate of 167.9, Westminster 238 cases, down from nine (3.6%) with a rate of 91.1, and Redbridge 893 cases, down 30 (3.3%) with a rate of 292.6.


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