Latest Coronavirus News: BioNTech CEO ‘Confident’ Pfizer Vaccine Will Work on UK Variant


SMarked inequalities in Covid-19 mortality data have been exposed in research conducted by the London Assembly.
New data released today indicates that lower ratings of general practitioner satisfaction and higher levels of deprivation go hand in hand in creating worse clinical outcomes among black and ethnic minority (BAME) residents.

Research was conducted to see how health services benefit the people they serve.

It found that the most ethnically diverse and poorest boroughs have lower GP satisfaction and a higher number of Covid-19-related deaths. But as the borough becomes less diverse and private, the experiences of general practitioners and Covid-19 death rates improve.

“The disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on the BAME community has been heartbreaking to see, and we cannot allow this to continue,” said Dr Onkar Sahota AM, Chairman of the Health Committee, of the results.

“All the evidence shows that we have had a greater impact because we are, on average, more prone to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and poor mental health.

“We are also more likely to live in overcrowded housing, poorer quality housing, poorer neighborhoods, and work in low-paying, publicly accessible jobs.”

“It’s also clear that for those who live in areas of great deprivation, there is the added challenge of trying to access treatment from underfunded and underfunded health services. ”

“All of this has a major impact on patients, and it has likely deterred some members of the BAME community from receiving adequate treatment during this pandemic.” ”


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