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Jose Mourinho is not interested in how he is perceived as his approach to games comes under increased scrutiny.

The Tottenham boss has been criticized for the way he has organized his squad this season, allowing opposing teams to gain possession and territory before hitting them at the break.

He worked against Manchester City and Arsenal and nearly landed his biggest prize at Liverpool on Wednesday, but Spurs were not clinical in front of goal and succumbed to a 2-1 defeat.

Despite his criticism, Mourinho has guided Spurs to second place in the Premier League and they sit above Manchester United, City, Chelsea and the Gunners.

The Portuguese says there may have been a time when his public perception mattered to him, but no more.


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When asked if he was frustrated with the way he was perceived, Mourinho replied, “No, that’s fine with me. I do not work in search of any recognition.

“OK, 15 years ago when I arrived and I was probably a little too cocky for what you were used to, maybe yes, maybe I was.” But I am not.

“I work for my club, I work for my players. I try to give happiness to people who love my club where I work.

“I’m very ambitious, it hasn’t changed at all. I think you can still read my face that losing hurts the same way nothing changes.

“But this situation of seeking recognition? It’s not for me. I do not care. ”


Mourinho says his Tottenham side win, draw and lose together and will support Steven Bergwijn after being abused on social media

Mourinho, with his sharp tongue and penchant for controversy, has always cornered the column of thumbs, but he says the media are responsible for creating a narrative.

“If you write, you don’t have to ask me,” he said in response to the question of whether that was unfair.

“If you want to write an article like you said, your words are not my words, ‘Man City don’t play well, Chelsea don’t play well, it’s not fair that people criticize you’.

“If you write this in an article, people read it, you change the perception and you don’t have to ask me that question.

“I think your question already shows that you don’t look at me the same way you look at others. Because if you looked at me the same way you look at other people, you would just write an article. ”

Sunday December 20 2:00 p.m.

Kick-off at 2:15 p.m.

Heung-Min Son won the Puskas award at Thursday night’s Best FIFA Football Awards, where Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp took home the gong for best manager.

Mourinho, who had a sideline disagreement with Klopp at Anfield on Wednesday, believes Bayern Munich’s Hansi Flick was a worthy winner.

“I think the only chance for Flick to win is for Bayern to find him two or three new competitions to win,” he said.

“So maybe if he wins seven titles in one season, maybe he will win the award.

“I think he only won the Champions League, the Bundesliga, Pokal, the name of their cup, the European Cup, the German Super Cup… he only won five. And the biggest of all.

“Poor Flick. I think the only chance for Bayern is to find two or three more trophies to see if they can win it. ”

Brendan Rodgers: Harry Kane diving deeper has improved Spurs

Harry Kane


Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers takes issue with idea Tottenham lost something from their attack playing Harry Kane in a deeper role

Brendan Rodgers believes Mourinho added another string to Harry Kane’s bow by playing the Tottenham forward in a deeper role.

Some observers believe Kane’s prowess was diluted by hindsight.

Playing the country’s first goalscorer as an attacking midfielder seems like a bold move by Mourinho, but ahead of the Foxes’ Premier League visit to Spurs on Sunday, live Sky Sports, Leicester boss Rodgers said: “I don’t think that’s the case.

“I think if you look through the game, you look at Roberto Firmino, he plays a similar role for Liverpool. Lionel Messi did it for Barcelona. Other players have done it over time.

“You don’t see anything being taken out of Harry’s game. You see something that has been added to his game.

“He’s clearly a wonderful scorer with great ability, finishing 25 or 30 yards.

“But what you see now is also a player’s ability to fall under and pass like a midfielder. ”


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