John Silver and Alex Reynolds admit they thought they were ‘getting fired’ from AEW


the Sombre John Silver and Alex Reynolds of The Order were on a recent episode of the AEW sans restriction podcast where they discussed signing with AEW and some issues they went through along the way. Silver spoke about joining AEW and AEW EVP for the first time Matt Jackson casually mentioning to them that they would be joining him Sombre Order.
“We had our first show and we got excited because they’re like, ‘Hey, we want you to be on the show.’ This is the third show in Philly, ”recalls Silver. “So we’re like, ‘Oh, my God. This is our big shot, our big opportunity. ‘ And then we get there and it doesn’t even say our names on the board, it says ‘local talent’, [and it said ’90 seconds’]. I guess that’s the one, and then I think – Matt Jackson came to see us after. We’re used to wrestling, and Matt Jackson says, “Hey, I have an idea. Maybe you sort of come back and are local talent all over the place, and still lose. Okay.

“I think it’s two or three weeks later we did the West Virginia show. It’s the way Matt Jackson put it where it doesn’t seem like it will ever happen, but it always does. He’s like, ‘Hey, maybe just kinda put you guys Sombre Order or something like that. Alright, cool, then he walks away a bit. We don’t really think it’s going to happen, but ultimately it is. ”

Brodie Lee was revealed as “The Exalted” earlier this year after many speculated that Matt Hardy would be revealed as the boss of Sombre Order. Silver and Reynolds chatted when they knew Lee would be “The Exalted.”

“I think the first person we heard of ‘The Exalted’ was Matt Hardy, which we thought was great. Broken Matt? It’s going to be perfect, and do stuff at the Hardy Compound, ”Reynolds said. “It’s gonna be awesome, and then, I think maybe a month before it was like, it could be Brodie, maybe Matt, still not sure.” It may have been a week before; it wasn’t that long in advance that we knew for sure it was Brodie.

“I think we knew a little in advance because he knows Stu [Grayson] and [Evil] Uno, “Silver noted.” Stu and Uno knew, and once they found out, they told us. So it wasn’t a week before. It was definitely for a while. We weren’t quite sure, but we also teased “The Exalted One” pretty early on, I think. Probably at least a month, I think, before. ”

Some of Lee’s most iconic segments at the start of his AEW run were his references to Vince McMahon, especially during the steak dinner scene. Reynolds had a few behind-the-scenes details.

“His first night, right after filming a pre-tape at Morton’s a week later, we had never met Brodie and had never really heard him speak,” admitted Reynolds. “So he cut that badass promo when he was just starting out, and then we’re just in this pre-tape. He’s just leaving, eating steak. He literally ate two steaks. Watch out, John and I are just sitting there. We are not allowed to eat, so we just sit there for about an hour, watching our food while Brodie beats the steaks, two porters right away. ”

Silver and Reynolds also admitted that they believe they are going to be replaced when 5 and 10 make it into the group. However, BTE helped ensure they still had a role in AEW.

“We had gotten to a point where we were almost just disappointed that we weren’t doing much,” admitted Reynolds. “Stu and Uno were out in Canada for a while, then they brought 10 back, then they brought 5, and they win games. Sombre, so we thought we were being replaced.

“We thought we were fired,” added Silver. “I actually asked Matt Jackson – I’m like, ‘Hey, are we getting fired? Sombre Order?’ He said, “No, no, no, no,” because when we finally came back those two guys were added. They were crushing people on Sombre, then we were there. We did nothing. We were like, “Okay, I guess we’re replaced. I hope we will always keep our jobs, ‘but right after that we started doing BTE and then we took off.

AEW President Tony Khan revealed he criticized Silver over his antics on BTE which he does not employ on Dynamite. Silver recalled what Khan told him not to show more of his personality on Dynamite.

“I have the impression that he always likes to make me small ribs. Because he’s the boss I’m still nervous, ”Silver admitted. “Everyone was saying to me ahead of time, ‘Tony likes your stuff on BTE.’ So I’m like, “Cool, that’s awesome. And then I see Tony, and I expect him to say, “Oh, hey, I saw your stuff. I like that, ”but he was like,“ What is this, man? Where are you going? You got all that personality in BTE but you don’t wanna do it for us on TV? I’m like, “I didn’t know I was supposed to do this. And he was like, “Well, you’re going to do it now, okay?” “Https://” Okay. “”

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