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Joe Biden says US is ‘back and ready to rule the world’

Last month, the Democrat defeated Donald Trump in the US election and while world leaders rushed to congratulate him, Russia has remained silent with Mr. Putin refusing to congratulate him.

But now, after the electoral college confirmed Mr Biden’s victory, Mr Putin sent a telegram yesterday to offer his best wishes.
Russian state news agency Tass said: “President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin sent a congratulatory telegram to Joseph Biden on the occasion of the victory in the presidential elections of the United States of America.

“In the telegram, Putin wished the president-elect every success. “

The Kremlin statement quoted Mr. Putin as saying, “For my part, I am ready to interact and get in touch with you.”

Putin congratulates Joe Biden on his electoral victory (Image: Getty)

Donald Trump et Vladimir Poutine (Image: Getty)

Mr. Putin “expressed his confidence that Russia and the United States, which bear special responsibility for global security and stability, can, despite their differences, really contribute to solving many of the problems and challenges facing them. the world is currently facing ”.

Ahead of the election, Mr. Putin said he would work with any American leader, but noted what he called Mr. Biden’s “sharp anti-Russian rhetoric”.

Ahead of the election, Biden called Russia an “opponent” and a state that poses the “greatest threat” to American security.

In 2016, Russia intervened in the 2016 presidential election to undermine Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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US President-elect Joe Biden

US President-elect Joe Biden (Image: Getty)

In 2018, Mr. Trump said he held Mr. Putin personally responsible for Russian interference in the elections.

He said he made it clear to Mr. Putin that Russian interference must stop.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin have a long history of praise.

Putin described the outgoing president as “a talented person” who “knows very well what his constituents expect of him.”

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Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Image: Express)

Although Mr Putin now congratulates Mr Biden, it appears that relations between the two countries are still strained.

Over the weekend, the US government was targeted by suspected Russian hackers in a cyber attack.

According to reports, the hack was so serious that it led to a National Security Council meeting at the White House over the weekend.

The US Department of Commerce confirmed on Sunday that he was the victim of a data breach.

Outgoing US President Donald Trump

Outgoing US President Donald Trump (Image: Getty)

John Ullyo, spokesperson for the National Security Council, added: “The United States government is aware of these reports and we are taking all necessary steps to identify and remedy any possible problems related to this situation. “

A source said: “It’s a much bigger story than a single agency.

“This is a huge cyber espionage campaign targeting the US government and its interests. “

A spokesperson for the Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security said, “We are working closely with our partner agencies regarding a recently discovered activity on government networks.

Democrat Joe Biden wins U.S. election

Democrat Joe Biden wins U.S. election (Image: Getty)

“CISA provides technical assistance to affected entities as they work to identify and mitigate any potential compromises. “

Last month, fears of World War III have again A Russian warship chased an American destroyer that Moscow said was violating the Russian border in the Peter the Great Gulf.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the USS John S. McCain, which entered the Sea of ​​Japan, violated the country’s territorial waters, “crossing the two-kilometer sea border.”

A ministry statement said the crew aboard the ship Admiral Vinogradov warned the US ship that it would use a “ramming maneuver” if it did not quickly leave Russian territorial waters.

But after Admiral Vinogradov changed course, the destroyer USS John S. McCain followed suit and returned to international waters.


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