Jackass stars Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O hospitalized two days after filming of fourth film


The filming of Jackass 4 got off to a dramatic start when Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O were hospitalized just two days after filming.
The cast of the iconic MTV show and its movie spin-offs are back for a fourth feature, 10 years after the release of Jackass 3D, and they’ve already run into trouble.

All-star co-host Bam Margera revealed that Johnny, 49, and Steve-O, 46, were taken to hospital after injuring themselves “while jumping on a treadmill at full speed with exercise equipment. group ”.

Bam, 41, shared the news in a video on his website, telling fans the couple were not seriously injured and would return to filming as soon as they are fit enough to do so.

Johnny and Steve-O were hospitalized

He said, “It’s already day two of the shoot for Jackass and Steve-O and Knoxville were hospitalized jumping on a treadmill at full speed with group gear – like a f ** king tuba. ”

Revealing that he was also injured while working on the film fueled by stunts and pranks, Bam added, “So yeah, I’m here now at the clinic, taking the ap ** test. Rock ‘n’ roll, oh yeah – I got scars too. Yeah man. ”

Jackass made huge stars out of its cast members when it premiered on television in 2000.

Knoxville and the gang were filmed participating in dangerous stunts and playing wild pranks on each other and the audience, even using disguises to deceive people.

Castmate Bam shared the update

They are not seriously injured and will return to filming soon

He ran for three series on MTV between 2000 and 2002 and spawned three films, soon to be four.

Knoxville also starred in the 2013 film Bad Grandpa which was inspired by his character as an old man in the series.

The show was surrounded by controversy when it started.

Despite warnings telling members of the public that the stunts performed on the show were very dangerous and should not be reproduced, the cast was blamed for a number of deaths and injuries after people tried to recreate things they saw on the show.

A tragedy also struck some of the stars of the show.

Bam was also doing tests

The cast reunite for Jackass 4

Ryan Dunn tragically died in June 2011 alongside Jackass Number Two production assistant Zachary Hartwell when his car slipped off the road and hit a tree before igniting.

A toxicology report found Dunn’s blood alcohol level to be more than double the legal limit while driving.

He was only 34 years old.

Wrestling star Stevie Lee, who also appeared on the show, unexpectedly died of a heart attack earlier this year at the age of 54.


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