‘It’s raining’: Kayleigh McEnany refuses to say if Trump will accept Electoral College vote


“Sorry, it’s raining,” spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany told reporters when asked if Mr. Trump would accept the results or speak publicly on Monday.

Ms McEnany had just finished a Fox News interview outside the West Wing and was returning inside on a cold and rainy day in Washington. The day’s print reporter noted that Ms McEnany “was walking with an assistant who held an umbrella over her head.”
Voters across the country will vote on Monday, with Mr Biden in front of about 40 votes at 1:30 p.m. ET. But the president and his followers vow to continue their legal and public relations battles aimed at overturning millions of ballots – enough to reverse votes in a handful of key states and overturn the electoral margin in his favor.
So far, however, federal justices and Supreme Court justices – including those appointed by Mr. Trump – have dismissed or dismissed their “rigged election” claims.
The president continues to say that there was widespread electoral fraud in a handful of battlefields won by Mr. Biden. But he and his team have yet to present hard evidence, with Mr. Trump even arguing that the president-elect should have to prove there was no fraud.
Courts fail to adhere to evidence of a negative standard Mr. Trump is pushing, making his legal fight a long shot to work or invalidate a single ballot. (None have so far, in particular.)
A senior Trump adviser in the White House was in campaign mode rather than political mode Monday morning as he announced that the Trump team planned to send their own shadow electoral college results to Congress along with the results Officials are submitted to Congress.
“As we speak today an alternative voters list in the contested states will vote and we will send those results to Congress,” Homeland Policy Advisor Stephen Miller told Fox News Channel. “This will ensure that all of our legal remedies remain open. This means that if we win these cases in court, we can order that the alternate state of the voters be certified. ”
The House and Senate will meet jointly to decide on the official results of the Electoral College on January 6.
At least one Conservative House Republican, Mo Brooks of Alabama, said he intends to challenge the expected result later Monday, a 306-232 victory for Mr. Biden. (It takes 270 votes to become president-elect.)
But her search for the required senator to join her challenge seems to have failed, so far, to find a dance partner.
The Chambers, if Mr. Brooks finds a second, would then separate to consider the merits of the challenge.
Over the weekend, Mr. Trump criticized federal lawyers for their lack of “courage” to join him in his unproven fight to invalidate the ballots.


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