“It is an intentional blockade by France! Tory MP rages Covid chaos is all about Brexit | UK | New


France has suspended receipt of goods from Britain for 48 hours after the discovery of a new variant of COVID-19 in the UK. Craig Mackinlay, Tory MP for South Thanet, told the BBC the UK is being punished for having an advanced scientific community capable of detecting changes in the coronavirus.

Mr Mackinlay said: “This needs to be resolved very quickly, you cannot help but think that this is an intentional blockade by France.
“I can understand their concerns about the new variant of the virus, but it’s strange, isn’t it?

“Because we have an advanced scientific community that has mapped this variant, we’re almost to blame.

“While there are other countries around the world where I’m sure there are varieties of varieties, but because they don’t have the scientific community that can actually identify them, people don’t. absolutely do not know. ”

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He added: “Testing must be the way to go to convince the French that truck drivers are clean.

“Truck drivers tend to stay close to their trucks if they don’t live in the trucks and they don’t mix, they haven’t been in the pubs.

“I find it hard to believe they are contagious. ”

On Tuesday morning, the Home Secretary was grilled over the “grim situation” which has left trucks stranded across the UK.

Ms Patel told BBC Breakfast: ‘Firstly, the number of trucks continues to fluctuate, so the numbers will be different from what Grant spoke to yesterday and this morning.

“The numbers fluctuate, and I think Highways England actually confirmed overnight that the numbers were around 900, but those numbers are changing all the time. ”

She added on the prospect of border testing: “We are doing mass testing across the country, so that’s right, testing of sorts is part of the discussions the transport secretary is having with his counterpart in France. .

“So I don’t want to speculate on the nature of the tests and how quickly it could be up and running. ”


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