“It doesn’t matter what happened in the past”: 5 things to know about BYU’s latest opponent, the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers

PROVO – BYU offensive lineman James Empey wanted to clarify one thing after the Cougars formalized a Top 20 game with Coastal Carolina on Thursday.

The Cougars mean it when they say, “Any team, anytime, anywhere. ”

A week after the failure of a high-profile (and often criticized) deal to take on the Pac-12 foe in Washington in Seattle, the No.8 Cougars (No.13 CFP) will have the chance to back that claim on Saturday. on the road against No. 8. 14 Coastal Carolina (3:30 p.m. MST, ESPNU).

BYU is not dodging anyone as the Cougars travel across the country to face one of the country’s only two other 9-0 teams in one of two domestic games with opponents ranked in the Top 25 AP.

“We said from the start that we wanted to play,” said Empey. “Whatever people want to say, they can say it. We’re just really excited about this game and how it came together so quickly.

“What happened in the past doesn’t matter anymore. ”

“Fake news,” added the eloquent and oft-quoted Troy Warner. BYU Replaces Fake Duck Story with Chanticleers, # 18 CFP Rankings.

“I just think it’s something we weren’t really concerned about,” Warner said. “Everyone in the locker room wants to play any team in the country. We weren’t dodging anyone. We want to play with anyone.

“We all saw this as fake news. We know that’s not how BYU is handled here. ”

BYU defensive back Troy Warner celebrates after an interception against Louisiana Tech at LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo. (Photo: Nate Edwards, BYU Photo)

Coastal Caroline (9-0) will be the best-ranked opponent BYU has faced all year, right ahead of Boise State, which was ranked No. 20 nationally before the Cougars’ 51-14 victory over the Broncos.

Make no mistake, the Chanticleers are eager to prove they’re equal to BYU this year. Both schools place in the nation’s top 40 for offensive and defensive points in the Chants decisive season which will include a berth in the Sun Belt title game on December 19.

Historically, the differences between the two schools have been marked, but that is to be expected for a program like Coastal Carolina which started playing football in 2003 and made the leap to the Football Bowl subdivision in 2015.

That’s what makes Saturday’s game, which will feature ESPN’s “College GameDay,” all the more important to the Chanticleers. They will host their first Top 25 opponent at Brooks Stadium.

“Obviously, we know the brand that BYU has: a huge success and a respect for the institution,” said CCU athletic director Matt Hogue. “People know this brand very well. So that we have the opportunity to play against them and show the nation what we think of our program, because our program is also a rising mark in varsity athletics; this opportunity and to play on this stage.

“That’s a big part of why we do what we do in this industry. ”

Here are five things to know about the Chanticleers before Saturday afternoon.

Coastal Carolina is really good

First of all, this team is good. Coastal Carolina is averaging 38.7 points per game and allowing just 16.3 points, the 11th highest score nationally.

Chanticleers have a lot of speed and skill, but they lack one of BYU’s biggest perks: size. Among the other undersized players, Coastal Carolina starts 5-foot-9 center fifth-year lineman Sam Thompson, who started all nine games of his senior campaign a year after leading an offense that racked up 400 yards or more attack five times. and converted 23 of 29 fourth down attempts in 2019.

He can cause a harsh image alongside BYU’s 6-4 tackler Khyiris Tonga or 6-4 runners Zac Dawe and Alden Tofa. But Thompson also anchored an offensive line tasked with protecting Grayson McCall, the red-shirted freshman who threw for 1,747 yards with 20 touchdowns and just one interception.

“We pray a lot right now, and I know they are too. “Because they’re Mormons,” said Jamey Chadwell, head coach of Coastal Carolina. “They are really good offensively and really good defensively. Their ranking is what they are because they dominate guys.

“They’re huge, they’re big and they’re physical. It’s the biggest challenge is the size they have and the athletes they have. But our team is resilient, they were excited to play Liberty, and I know they are excited to play BYU. ”

This season is not the most successful in Coastal Carolina sporting history; the Chanticleers won the College World Series in 2016, so nothing short of a national championship will never surpass it. But Coastal is revealed to be more than a baseball school, and more than a one-stroke wonder, in the third season of Chadwell succeeding former TD Ameritrade CEO Joe Moglia in 2017.

Coastal Carolina quarterback Grayson McCall (10) looks for a wide receiver during the first half of an NCAA college football game against Appalachian State on Saturday November 21, 2020 in Conway, SC (Photo: Richard Shiro, Associated Press)

Singers have the most fun

BYU head basketball coach Mark Pope likes to say his team has the “best locker room in the country,” with downpours of Gatorade after the win and pranks ranging from coaches and players to club staff. support for Provo.

With all due respect to Pope, the Chanticleers football program, who has been a member of the Football Bowl subdivision since 2016, presents a viable challenger to this claim.

There was a lot to celebrate and each victory had its own celebration. Chadwell has an analogy for every game week, and a celebration for the game that week ensued in the Chanticleers’ 9-0 season.

Sometimes this celebration has included an actual broadsword cutting through the air. On another occasion, the Chants put on an incredibly complex pro wrestling match – including an ode to CCU alum “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Coastal Carolina doesn’t just win and, in some cases, win big in its most successful season at FBS level; they also have fun doing it.

OK, but what is a singer?

Lots of mascots come from many places: the story of a school, the etiquette of a sports writer or a marketing-based branding exercise, to name a few.

But Coastal Carolina’s mascot comes from the most unique place in all college sports: Chaucer.

The Chanticleer derives from the poet Geoffrey Chaucer “The Chanticleer and the Fox,” a fable from the classic “The Nun’s Priest Tales,” and was adapted for college in the early 1960s. Until then, coastal athletics was called “Trojans”.

So what is a singer? Here is Chaucer, in his own words, on the rooster “whose song was not equal throughout the land.”

“Her voice was happier than the merry organ playing in church, and her singing from her resting place was more trustworthy than a clock,” Chaucer wrote. “Its comb was redder than fine coral and twirled like a castle wall, its beak was black and shining like a jet, and its legs and toes were like azure. Her fingernails were whiter than a lily, and her feathers were like burnished gold.

Your move, Cosmo.

The Chants teal field is 🔥

BYU once played on a visually disruptive football surface: the legendary Boise Blue Turf which has also become iconic in the sport and purely representative of the Boise State brand.

But the Broncos’ blue stronghold in Boise isn’t the only non-green field in the country. There’s the red turf in east Washington, the purple field in central Arkansas, and the gray-and-green field in eastern Michigan that regularly makes ESPN’s home shows look like a replay of the classic. Tobey Maguire / Reese Witherspoon, “Pleasantville”.

On Saturday, BYU will face its toughest challenge of the season on another visually stunning masterpiece: the Coastal Carolina Teal Field, commonly referred to as the “Surf Turf.” The Chanticleers installed the one-of-a-kind turf in 2015, and the teal all over the college inspired the burgeoning national movement that is #TealNation.

And the mules

Last but not least, this is what makes Coastal Carolina stand out the most – and it’s not the standings, the high-powered offense, the one-of-a-kind mascot or the dressing room celebrations.

These are the mules.

Look up and down the list and you’ll see a common thread running through several key players: business up front, party back.

This is how the Chanticleers define their season – unless, of course, BYU gives them a decisive win for the season.

“This is news for me,” BYU’s Warner said. “But more power for them. ”

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