Isles of Scilly: England’s only level 1 area fears influx of “selfish” foreigners


The islands, which have not recorded any cases of Covid since September, remain under the most lenient restrictions that allow up to six people to meet indoors – including in pubs and restaurants.

All other regions of the country are either in level 3 or in level 4, more than three quarters of the population having actually been ordered to “stay at home”.

It comes after police denied entry to five people who arrived by plane on Christmas Eve after apparently breaching Covid travel restrictions.
“We urge anyone planning to visit the islands to reconsider, in light of what the introduction of the virus to the islands could mean for our community, especially at this time of year,” said the Isles of Scilly Council in a press release.

Linda Thomas, a 69-year-old librarian from St Mary’s, said residents were concerned about the risk of the virus spreading on the islands, which only have a small hospital and an aging population.
“To have seen our family and friends in Cornwall go from level 1 to level 3 in less than a week because of foolish selfish people from higher levels coming down is very disturbing,” said Ms Thomas.
“We know that some of these people were heading for the islands and I have no doubt some of them made it. ”

Another islander, Barbara Simpson, 78, said: ‘Those who freely admit to having come to Scilly to escape the virus clearly have no idea or don’t care about the risk they pose to us.

“The total lack of awareness and arrogance of these people is mind-boggling. ”

Jonathan Smith, a St Martin’s advisor who also runs a small organic fruit and vegetable farm, said Scilly was the only place left on Level 1 was an “interesting paradox.”

“We are probably the place in the country with the fewest options for travel, shopping and dining during the winter months,” he said.

Mr Smith also stressed that foreigners should not visit the islands for a “New Year or winter vacation”.

Jonathan Smith, Councilor of St Martin’s in the Isles of Scilly.


The 2,000 islanders have been advised to stay put for the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

“Please ask yourself if the risk of the virus spreading in just one night is worth jeopardizing the massive effort to keep our community and services safe so far this year,” Island Council said. Scilly.
“As we have already advised, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it, so please heed the Prime Minister’s advice to ‘see the new year safely at home’.
Several residents said they were staying at the house for the celebrations, but Tim Jones, who moved to St Mary’s from London six years ago, said he and his partner would wear fancy dress to visit his local pub in the old City.
“We make the most of it for the kids, but finish at 7pm,” the 55-year-old IT consultant said.

Additional reports from the Press Association


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