Ireland Baldwin defends stepmother Hilaria Baldwin amid heritage controversy


Irlande Baldwin weighs in on the controversy surrounding his stepmother.

Sunday (December 27), Hilaria Baldwin has been the subject of a major debate on social media, after people began to question his Spanish accent and heritage.

36-year-old wife of Alec Baldwin then posted a message regarding the debate saying, “This is very important to me. I understand my story is a little different, but it’s mine, and I’m very proud of it.

Aleceldest daughter, which he shares with his ex Kim Basinger, defends Hilaria in the midst of the social media controversy.

“It’s so pathetic that anyone would want to play the role of a detective and dive into the life of someone they don’t know anything about, don’t know how they were brought up, don’t know who they were raised by. The 27-year-old model said in an Instagram story. “It’s just a little sad and pathetic. And also, it’s like the holidays, people are depressed, people are going through a lot. I know I go through a lot personally. And the last thing we really need to do is start the shit and gossip about something so stupid. And about someone no one really really knows.

Ireland continued, “She could be a mean, terrible, horrible human who tears people apart but she isn’t. Hilaria is a wonderful mother who takes great care of her children and she takes great care of my father and that’s all that really matters to me.

Amidst the controversy, Hilaria said she would take a “long” break from social media.


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