India congratulates France on joining the Indian Ocean Shores Association


Dec 17, 2020 10:10 PM EAST

New Delhi [India], December 17 (ANI): Minister of State for External Affairs V Muraleedharan on Thursday congratulated France on its accession to the 23rd member of the Indian Ocean Shores Association (IORA).
The 20th Indian Ocean Rim Association Council of Ministers meeting was virtually hosted by the United Arab Emirates on Thursday.
According to an official statement, 22 Member States and 10 dialogue partners participated in the meeting. The meeting deliberated on various regional and global issues of common interest by IORA member states. The Council of Ministers adopted the UAE communiqué and the IORA declaration of solidarity and cooperation in response to Covid-19.
“Reaffirmed India’s commitment to promote security, peace and prosperity at the IOR through #IORA. Called to promote greater #business, #tourism, #trade & #investment in IOR.
“Congratulations to Sri Lanka for assuming the vice-presidency and to France for becoming the 23rd member. Underlined the important role of #IORA for regional cooperation within the IOR and more broadly #IndoPacific ”, wrote Muraleedharan in another tweet.
Speaking at the meeting, Muraleedharan stressed the importance of IORA as a platform for regional cooperation in the Indian Ocean region and the wider Indo-Pacific.
He further noted the contributions made by India, as coordinating country, in two priority areas of IORA, namely, disaster risk management and education, science and technology. Bearing in mind the full post-pandemic recovery, the Ministry of Security called for greater cooperation in the field of traditional medicine and wellness tourism among IORA member states.
Making India’s commitment to strengthen IORA, MoS noted India’s deployment of an IT expert to the IORA secretariat and further announced India’s initiatives in the form of the implementation of the e-Office system and the establishment of the Mahatma Gandhi library at the IORA Secretariat.
India, as a founding member of IORA, has been committed to its growth since its inception in 1997. During India’s presidency of IORA in 2011, IORA adopted its six priority areas which are the guiding principles of all its activities. India views IORA as a unique platform for promoting peace, stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific through greater inter-regional partnership, the statement said. (ANI)


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