I’m A Celebrity viewers accuse the show of ‘rubbing it all’ with a commercial twist as England plunged into the stands


Green-eyed viewers I’m a Celebrity hit the show after this year’s contestants enjoyed a pub night, something millions of us aspire to do but can’t due to the coronavirus restrictions.
The other Gwrych Castle campmates were stunned in Tuesday’s episode when Beverley Callard and Shane Richie returned from the Castle Coin Daily Challenge to reveal that they had not won snacks for everyone, but a trip to the Castle Inn!

The bosses of I’m A Celebrity did it all for their night out in the area with the bar adorned with Christmas lights, a huge Christmas tree and lots of garlands.

As those Brits lucky enough to be Level 2 prepare to order their ‘substantial meal’ in order to enjoy a few drinks, celebrities have been treated to hearty pub food in the form of pies, peas, crisps and more. of sauce while sipping. on drinks like Guinness.

There was even karaoke, with Shane Richie starting off with a bit of Town Called Malice before Jessica Plummer ending with a performance of Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas as her co-stars sang and danced.

And many home viewers, not resenting the celebrity treat, had had enough after realizing that they were unlikely to be going to a pub this Christmas.

Speaking to Twitter, one moaned, “What a way to rub it in the faces of people currently at level 3 who can’t go to the pub,” and another tweeted, “I’m a celebrity sending them. at the pub rubs it’s a bit isn’t it ”

Another declaimed, “F *** king hell, rubbing that for us folks in level 3 ay,” and a fourth posted, “I’m a celebrity just rubbing it for those in levels 3 and 2, no only for the pub but also a lot of them mixing ”

Even Shane Richie’s son joined in on the Twitter fury, with him tweeting, “The whole country is going crazy because the celebrities have been p *** ing in the castle pub. So jealous. ”

After pub night sent viewers jealous of the wall, I’m a celebrity on Tuesday ended in yet another shocking double eviction with Russell Watson and Jessica Plummer retrieving the castle vault.


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