I’m a celebrity Bev Callard ‘wanted to die’ when she realized the ‘megash * g’ comment was airing


I’m a celebrity star Beverley Callard revealed she was completely mortified when she realized her comment calling her husband Jon McEwan a “megash * g” aired on the show.
Beverley appeared in Lorraine on Tuesday alongside Victoria Derbyshire, who was sacked alongside Bev last night on I’m a Celeb.

“We had a great time, absolutely a great time, which was life changing,” Beverley said.

Victoria added: “It was awesome, we didn’t stop laughing, we cried a little bit, we shared stuff, it was a life affirmation. ”

Beverley said she was confident her comments would not be broadcast because they were rude

Lorraine asked what was the worst part of the experience, and Victoria revealed, “It’s the lawsuit all the women went to called Bar-baric. ”

“We were locked in these chains and offal and blood and disgusting stuff was thrown at us. It was brutal. ”

“It was absolutely horrible,” Beverley admitted.

Victoria Derbyshire and Beverley Callard got the kick-off on Monday after a public vote

“When you watch it from home… you think, ‘it can’t be that bad’… Look, it was!

“They read the rules to you ahead of time, but you have no idea how it will feel and what to expect, and it was horrible. ”

Beverley also explained that her insect phobia has grown more severe since the show, saying, “Lorraine, it’s a million times worse! ”

Beverley Callard et son mari Jon McEwan

The legend of Corrie fell apart when Lorraine mentioned her special nickname “megash * g” to her husband.

“I can’t believe they broadcast this,” she admitted.

“I thought those were really bad words, so they’re just gonna edit this, and when Ant and Dec released the clip for that last night, I wanted to die!” ”

Jon proudly adopted his nickname publicly

Victoria added that they will be lifelong friends after the show, gushing: “Beverley, I’ve watched her on TV for years, she’s an acting icon.

“But she’s warm, funny, loving and kind… She’s a friend for life. ”

Bev added that she thought Victoria was “smart and sane” after watching her TV show every day.

But she added that sharing the castle with Victoria made her realize that she was indeed smart, but not at all sane.

Lorraine has toasted the ladies over recent reports that Vernon Kay and Ruthie had an argument in a lawsuit.

But Victoria firmly pushed them aside, insisting: “I was there all the time, I tell you there was nothing.

“And if there was something, I would say, Lorraine – you know I would!”

* Lorraine broadcast during the week on ITV at 9 a.m.


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