How the Grinch stole the Christmas cast yesterday and today


Little Cindy Lou Who sings more daring songs these days.

It’s been two whole decades since How the Grinch stole Christmas came out, and it’s still a Christmas classic. Let’s see how the cast has changed over the years:

Jim Carrey as the Grinch (and how he looked under makeup):

Universal Pictures, Franziska Krug / Getty Images

Jim Carrey now:

Barcroft Media / Getty Images

Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou Who:

Taylor Momsen now:

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Christine Baranski comme Martha May Whovier:

Christine Baranski now:

George Pimentel / WireImage

Bill Irwin as Lou Lou Who:

Molly Shannon comme Betty Lou Who:

Molly Shannon now:

Mat Hayward / Getty Images

Clint Howard now:

Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images

Mindy Sterling as Clarnella Who:

Mindy Sterling maintenant:

Michael Tullberg / Getty Images

Rachel Winfree comme Rose Who:

Rachel Winfree now:


Yeah, she’s like Linda Johansson in The right place.

Jeremy Howard comme Drew Lou Who:

TJ Thyne as Stu Lou Who:

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