Here’s How To Make The Mandalorian’s Loved Baby Yoda Cookies


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Baby Yoda Grogu is a hungry little fucker, his ravenous hunger outweighing any concerns about whether his appetite is inadvertently perpetuating genocide. Earlier this season, everyone’s favorite pair of pointy ears gobbled up an entirely different snack in a packet of blue macarons, the tastes of which resurfaced in liquid form after a particularly bumpy space chase. The costumes at Williams Sonoma wasted no time slap a $ 50 price tag on what they call Nevarro Nummies, but knowing full well that’s a stupid name for Baby Yoda Cookies ™, Mandalorien creator Jon Favreau and Binging With BabishAndrew Rea has teamed up to promote a much cheaper home version.

After Favreau practically walks by to reveal the cookie creation a bit, Rea begins by gracing the intricate blue raspberry macaroon that inspired the show’s treat. After that, he presents the simplest and most user-friendly creation: light blue sugar cookies made with more standard baking ingredients. Sure, the fancy little guys might turn their noses up, but they’ve got a lollipop So who cares.

Watch the explanatory video below:

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