Hailee Steinfeld confirmed as Kate Bishop in Disney + series


Let’s just say we think this cast is …………. right on target.

And now for some casting news that we think is a real target. It’s just on the mark. It is, and we cannot stress this enough, to be correct. Hawk Eye, the Disney + series that follows Jeremy Renner‘s archer Avenger, began filming in New York this week, and many outlets spotted Hailee Steinfeld in costume as Marvel fan favorite Kate Bishop.

The inclusion of Kate Bishop in Hawk Eye has been the most popular part of this series since it was first announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Created by writer Allan Heinberg and artist Jim Cheung, the character is the first woman to adopt the Hawkeye coat. Daughter of one of New York’s richest families, Kate focuses on crime-fighting after a life-changing attack in Central Park, joining the Young Avengers and eventually settling on another archer Clint Barton as a mentor. Renner teased Kate’s arrival on Twitter, but there has been no official casting confirmation from Marvel yet. So, you know, don’t talk to them about that.

Ever since people have been talking about Kate Bishop finally making the jump to live action, they’ve been discussing Hailee Steinfeld to fill the role. The young actress took a first step at 13 in the Coen BrosTrue courage redo before playing in two Perfect suites, leading the Transformers spin off Bourdonand give voice to Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

Check out Renner’s post below. To know more Hawk Eye-which will be directed by the staging of Bert and Bertiehere are the latest details on the huge price this is costing Disney. For more on the future of the Disney + Marvel small screen universe, here’s what Paul Bettany told us about the first show out of the door, WandaVision. And, for some more from Kate Bishop, here are the details of her (very conspicuously timed!) Entry into the Marvel’s Avengers Game.

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