GOP Senator Blocks $ 1,200 Covid Checks, Attacks ‘Compassion’ in Politics


Republican Senator Ron Johnson has twice blocked an effort to deliver a second round of stimulus checks of $ 1,200 (£ 887.41).

On Thursday and Friday, Mr Johnson blocked Republican Senator Josh Hawley and Progressive Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders’ bill, which reportedly provided Americans with a second check for $ 1,200, amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
The first set of $ 1,200 checks were issued to Americans earning less than $ 75,000 (£ 55,463) in March, as part of the first wave of coronavirus relief.
Mr Hawley, a senator from Missouri, tried to get all senators to agree to the bill on Thursday because every representative had to accept it in order for it to go through the Senate, according to The Hill.
Although checks of around $ 600 (£ 443) are expected to be accepted by Republicans and Democrats in the coming days, Mr Sanders and Mr Hawley have been pushing for them to be doubled.
“What I am proposing will give workers in my state and across the country a chance … to get back on their feet,” Hawley told senators on Thursday.
However, Mr Johnson, a senator from Wisconsin, opposed the bill and said: “I am not heartless. I want to help people. I voted to help people. I voted for the $ 2.2 trillion (£ 1.6 trillion) CARES law, but I am also concerned about the future of our children. ”
He said if the checks are approved then “we will not have learned from our very rushed and very rushed early relief plans”, citing the country’s growing debt levels.
Mr Johnson said when it comes to coronavirus relief, ‘we all have compassion, we all want to meet those needs. ”
However, he added that “one of the reasons we are in debt of $ 27.4 trillion (£ 24.8 trillion) is that we only speak of need, we only speak of need. of compassion. ”
Mr Sanders, a senator from Vermont, returned to the floor on Friday, but was unable to convince Mr Johnson to agree to the bill.
In order to have more time to agree on a new relief plan for Covid-19, the US Congress and Senate passed a two-day spending bill on Friday.
The bill provides funding to federal agencies until Sunday, to allow negotiators on the Democratic and Republican sides to reach agreement on a coronavirus relief plan before the end of the year.
According to Johns Hopkins University, there are now more than 17.4 million people who have tested positive for the coronavirus in the United States. The death toll reached 313,672.


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