Google reveals the best searches of 2020


Google’s annual list of the most popular search terms shows why the world turned to Google in one of the most historic years on record.
“2020 was the year we asked ‘why? »», Says Google in the introduction of its report.

People asked “why?” more than ever, as they Google searched for answers to all types of questions, which you’ll see in the next section.

Users have broken records for the number of times “what day is it?” Was wanted within a year. Recipe searches also hit an all-time high.

Above all, the coronavirus is the subject of everyone’s concern. Most of the most frequent research reflects how people are adjusting to new standards of everyday life.

Google’s report examines hot topics in research, news, people, how-tos, virtual activities, and more. The data can be viewed worldwide or filtered by 70 different countries.

Here you will find highlights from the most popular search listings in the US and around the world.

Most popular Google searches in the United States

Let’s take a look at the most common searches in the United States first. Not surprisingly, the coronavirus 3 in the first 5 places.

Top general searches

  1. Election results
  2. Coronavirus
  3. Kobe Bryant
  4. Coronavirus Update
  5. Symptoms of the coronavirus

Next, let’s look at the types of information that people are looking for. Google is getting more granular this year by dividing its “how-to” search data into different categories.


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There are now categories for beauty tips, how to donate, how to, how to help, and how to style.

By taking a look at the “how to craft” category, you can see how people are looking for ways to stay safe while crafting materials at home.

Main “How To” Research

  1. How to make a hand sanitizer
  2. How to make a face mask with fabric
  3. How to make whipped coffee
  4. How to make a mask with a bandana
  5. How to make a seamless mask

The best beauty tips also illustrate how people adjust to doing more things around the house. And there are a significant number of people who are figuring out how to wash their hands.


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Most common beauty searches

  1. How to cut men’s hair at home
  2. How to pluck your hair
  3. How to color your hair at home
  4. How to wash your hands
  5. How to style curtain bangs

Teaching people how to do things at home, especially things they would have previously been released for, seems like a strong category for creating content at the moment.

Google introduced another new category of searches for “virtual” terms this year. As all in-person activities become virtual, this is what people are looking for the most.

Most frequent “virtual” searches

  1. Virtual field visits
  2. Virtual museum visits
  3. Virtual Derby du Kentucky
  4. Virtual learning
  5. NBA Virtual Fans

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A look at the most frequent searches under the category “… during the coronavirus” shows that people were looking for ways to earn money from the pandemic. Others were looking for new ways to do ordinary things, while others were just looking to find a job.

Main research “… during the coronavirus”

  1. Best stocks to buy during coronavirus
  2. Meetings during the coronavirus
  3. Dentist open during coronavirus
  4. Unemployment during the coronavirus
  5. Jobs hiring during the coronavirus

Finally, let’s take a look at the aforementioned “why” category, which has seen record search volumes this year.

Top “Why? »Research

  1. Why were chainsaws invented
  2. Why is there a shortage of parts
  3. Why was George Floyd arrested
  4. Why does Nevada take so long
  5. Why is TikTok banned?

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Most popular Google searches around the world

There are far fewer categories of data available for the global searches segment. Here are some of the most interesting.

Main general research

  1. Coronavirus
  2. Election results
  3. Kobe Bryant
  4. Zoom
  5. IPL

Most common concert searches

  1. Concert Together at home
  2. Concert de Fire Fight Australia
  3. Garth Brooks drive en concert
  4. Concert de Travis Scott Fortnite
  5. BTS online concert

Main recipe searches

  1. Dalgona coffee
  2. Pain
  3. Sourdough bread
  4. Pizza
  5. Lahmacun

Top movie searches


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  1. Parasite
  2. 1917
  3. Black Panther
  4. 365 days
  5. Contagion

See the full set of data here.

Is there anything more 2020 than presenting the data as a story? Because Google is gone and has done it too.

Other 2020 research highlights can also be seen in the video below.


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