Gold Bugs Trigger Happy, Over US COVID-19 Stimulus Package, Brexit Deadlock


Gold bugs are quick as current prices show high volatility in today’s London trading session.
Now it looks like the Brexit deal may not be approved anytime soon, as the shortened data log for this week’s holiday appears to be full, which could keep the gold bug rally at least in the short term. .

However, with gold traders in the back of their minds, traders understand the risks ahead amid the current official verdict revealing that a Brexit deal could come in the medium term, which in turn could keep the bugs going. gold arbitrarily tamed.

Additionally, the value of the US dollar index has rebounded strongly recently, meaning there is huge demand for the safe haven currency on market sentiment that any threat to a COVID vaccine-induced global recovery 19 could be the most crucial momentum for next year.

That said, recent price action reveals gold bugs are gaining a firm grip above last week’s high of $ 1896.29 / ounce, meaning gold bears could be crushed. short term as selling pressure charts a path for gold prices to challenge above the resistance of $ 1915 / ounce. level.


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