GMB’s Ranvir Singh replacing Lorraine Kelly next week after strict elimination


Good Morning Britain’s Ranvir Singh has announced that she is replacing Lorraine Kelly next week on her weekday morning show.
Strictly Come Dancing star Ranvir, who was knocked out of the show last week, made the revelation Thursday on the Lorraine show.

Lorraine said she would tune in from home to watch Ranvir, who regularly hosts GMB, of which she is the political editor.

She had interviewed Ranvir about her stint on Strictly, before saying enthusiastically, “And good news, next week we’re going to swap chairs!”

Ranvir and Lorraine joked that they were swapping seats next week

“You’re going to be there, which is fabulous, thank you!” ”

” No thanks! Ranvir replied. “I am so excited. ”

Lorraine said, “It will be great, you will be great on the show, it will be fantastic. ”

Lorraine takes a well-deserved break next week

Ranvir confirmed: “Monday Tuesday Wednesday, next week. ”

“I’ll be home with a cup of tea, watching my Ranvir, you talk,” said Lorraine.

Ranvir joked, “Oh, I better not mess it up then, the boss is watching!” ”

Lorraine told Ranvir that she would watch from home

Speaking about his appearance Strictly with his professional partner Giovanni Pernice, Ranvir said, “I think it was because he must have known a lot about me that went beyond learning a routine and vice versa. really.

“I discovered a lot of things about him because there was a point where the way he wanted to teach me made me feel a bit like, ‘Damn, I don’t think I can do that!’

Ranvir and Giovanni were sent to pack their bags over the weekend
Ranvir and Giovanni were sent to pack their bags over the weekend

“And then he, bless his heart, softened his teaching methods for me, less stick more carrot, and then I was like, ‘Okay, I can do that.’

“It was lovely and it was so kind of her to change her teaching methods to make me more comfortable.

“I have immense respect for him. ”

* Lorraine broadcast during the week on ITV at 9 a.m.


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