Gmail service was interrupted in a new Google incident


San Francisco (AFP)

Google’s cloud-hosted messaging service suffered a “significant” disruption on Tuesday, just a day after it went down in a massive outage of the internet giant’s platform.

Google said on a status dashboard that it restored Gmail operations shortly before 0000 GMT, around two and a half hours after people started complaining of issues.

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience and continued support,” Google said in the Status Dashboard Notice.

“Rest assured that system reliability is a top priority at Google and that we are making continuous improvements to improve our systems. ”

Google has not disclosed the number of affected users or the specific cause of the problem.

The issue with Gmail has affected “a significant subset of users,” the company said in a post.

Gmail users have experienced error messages, high latency and other unusual service-level behavior, according to Google.

A massive power outage on Monday temporarily disrupted popular Google services like Gmail and the video-sharing platform YouTube, derailing the distance learning, work and entertainment people relied on during the pandemic .

About 17,000 people reported Gmail service issues at a peak around 2:30 p.m. (10:30 p.m. GMT) in California, where Google is headquartered, according to the Downdetector website.

Other Google services such as YouTube, Maps, and search appeared to be functioning normally.

Monday’s large blackout lasted about 45 minutes.

Services that require users to sign in to accounts like YouTube or Gmail had “higher error rates” than usual, which was denied access to people, Google said of the Monday blackout.

Google indicated on its dashboard during this outage that it involved services for “the majority of users”.

Already ubiquitous, online services have become more critical this year amid the Covid-19 pandemic, as millions of people work from home and students take their classes online.

Disruptions to online service providers are not unusual. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s subsidiary specializing in on-demand cloud services for businesses and individuals, experienced a major technical outage in November.


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