George Clooney is completely unrecognizable in the childhood photo


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George Clooney gives hope to ugly ducklings everywhere.
As he appeared on “The Graham Norton Show” Friday to promote his new movie “The Midnight Sky,” Clooney saw a photo of himself when he was 11 years old, which made audiences socially distant in points.

“Your dad recently revealed this photo of you at age 11,” Norton said, adding, “If anyone at home thinks, ‘God, my kids are so ugly,’ that’s really happy because this kid 11-year-old became George Clooney. ”

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The photo was, let’s just say, not Clooney at his best.

“We didn’t have a lot of money and my mom cut my hair and it’s clearly not her skill,” Clooney said of her bowl cut.

“She was in a rush that day,” Norton joked, to which Clooney replied, “I mean Ray Charles could have better cut my hair.”

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Earlier in the interview, Clooney opened up about what it’s like to grow old as a leading man in Hollywood, saying that playing characters who could be described as the “dreadful old man” is not both a choice and a necessity due to aging. Hinting that he would much prefer to play the roles he took on earlier in his career, he joked, “If I could go back to 1998, I would.


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