Gennadiy Golovkin vs Kamil Szeremeta results, live fight coverage


Better late than never? 2020 gets its first glimpse of the “Big Drama Show” tonight (Friday, December 18, 2020) when middleweight demolition machine Gennady Golovkin defends his IBF middleweight title against undefeated mandatory challenger Kamil Szeremeta. will provide LIVE coverage of tonight’s main event. The DAZN show will begin at 5 p.m. ET, with Golovkin and Szeremeta likely to make the walk closer to 8 p.m. ET.

“GGG” hasn’t seen action since his narrow loss to Sergiy Derevyanchenko in October 2019, as COVID, injuries and other issues kept him from shutting the horns with Szeremeta. He was set to face Canelo Alvarez in a trilogy match early next year, but Alvarez recently parted ways with DAZN, making it unclear what the Kazakh murderer’s next step will be if he gets through Szeremeta.

Other names of note include Super Featherweight Champion Hyun Mi Choi, undefeated prospect Ali Akhmedov and former title challenger John Ryder.

Gennadiy Golovkin c. Kamil Szeremeta – Golovkin bat. Sheerta par TKO at 3h00 du septième round
Hyun Mi Choi vs. Calista Silgado – Choi beats. Silgado by unanimous decision (99-91, 98-92, 97-93)
John Ryder vs. Michael Guy – Ryder beats. Guy by unanimous decision (100-90, 99-91, 96-94)
Ali Akhmedov vs. Carlos Gongora – Gongora defeats. Akhmedov by KO at 1:57 of the twelfth round
Reshat Mati vs. Dennis Okoth – Mati def. Okoth by TKO at 1:18 of the sixth round
Jalan Walker vs. Rafael Reyes – Walker beats. Reyes via unanimous decision (60-54 x3)

IBF Middleweight Championship: Gennadiy Golovkin vs. Kamil Szeremeta

First round: Szeremeta takes the center and tries to advance behind his jab. Golovkin pumps several, and they are heavier. Golovkin blocked right hand, back to jab battle. Halfway through the tour. Short uppercut and right hook from Golovkin, who is now the one to advance. Szeremeta with a 1-1-2. Both land with their right hands in the center ring, then stall. Szeremeta still stings with him, takes a couple of the right hand at the bottom and gets his ass put through a left hook to the bell. He has a lot of time to spare. 10-8 Golovkin.

Round two: Golovkin marching forward with jabs, Szeremeta looking to trade with him. Clinch. Golovkin with a counter hook. Szeremeta to the body, landing jabs. Szeremeta’s hard right hand seems to sway and trigger a melee. Body shot by Golovkin. Left hook upstairs, right cross halfway around the turn. Szeremeta digs a left hook to the body. Golovkin jab lands, uppercut blocked. Szeremeta tries to come back with a combo. He intervenes during an exchange and clips to the ear for another reversal. Golovkin on the attack when he stands up, setting things up with the jab. Szeremeta ties up. Wicked body pulled from Golovkin, continuing to stalk. Another right hand. 10-8, 20-16 Golovkine.

Round three: Szeremeta still trying to push back, Golovkin remaining patient. Trading jabs in the center. Szeremeta with a left hook at the bottom. Jabs from the pole, slips a cross, takes a short right around the guard. Halfway through. Clinch. Jumpsuits by Szeremeta. Golovkin was always right, cracking him with a right uppercut. Heavy combination. The right hand to the body, the left hook behind, the clinch. Right hand to the head and left to the liver before the bell. 10-9, 30-25 Golovkin.

Round Four: Golovkin continues to catch him with the jab. Szeremeta warned against low blows. Suits flowing for Golovkin, who shrugs a hard left hook. 1-1-2 of Szeremeta, clinch. Golovkin with a jab-uppercut. Szeremeta lands a few jabs, takes a 1-2. The good 1-2 lands for him. Halfway through the tour. Clinch. Golovkin digs a right down, crumples it with a straight top inside and a few straight hits. Szeremeta beats the score again. No more hard knocks from the champion. Szeremeta was still trying to throw, cracked with his liver. Long series of shots from Golovkin, tries a 1-2. 10-8, 40-33 Golovkine

Fifth round: return to negotiation in the center. Golovkin goes up and down, clinch. Liver shot. 1-2. Szeremeta with a nice cross on the right but totally unable to hurt Golovkin. Left hooks from Golovkin. No more jabs, clean 1-2. Clinch. Lead right next to the pole. Halfway through. Golovkin tries a forehead-to-forehead combo, then a clean uppercut. Heavy hook, short uppercuts, right cross. Heavy left by Golovkin at close range. Another hard uppercut after dodging a combo. 1-2 connects. 10-9, 50-42 Golovkin.

Round Six: Golovkin continues to win the jab battle. Body shot, double uppercut. Szeremeta throws a combo before coming to a stop. Right hand hard to the body by Golovkin and an uppercut behind. They trade rights. The two fire hooks at the bottom. Close-range exchange. The left hook lands for Golovkin in the center. Good 1-2. Szeremeta levels up with his jab, takes another heavy body blow. Counter right from Szeremeta encountered by a long combo. 10-9, 60-51 Golovkin.

Round seven: Golovkin comes back on the attack, spades him with a right clubbing. Clinch. Szeremeta with a wetsuit at the bottom. Nice uppercut. Doubla jab puts Szeremeta back in his seat. Golovkin sending combinations, Szeremeta tries to answer before picking up. Golovkin’s hard body shot, uppercut, melee halfway. Uppercut to the pulled body. Big uppercut. Clinch. Clinch. Szeremeta always sends jabs. Hard blows from Golovkin in return. Clinch. 10-8, 70-59 Golovkin.

The referee shakes correctly between rounds.

Final result: Golovkin bat. Szeremeta par TKO

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