Gary Neville suggests Chelsea have found their own Roberto Firmino


Gary Neville has suggested Tammy Abraham could become Chelsea’s Roberto Firmino – including for unwarranted criticism.
Liverpool star Firmino has been the focus of Jurgen Klopp’s attack in recent years but has come under fire for the lack of goals this season.

Abraham, meanwhile, is looking to make his own center-forward on Frank Lampard’s side at Chelsea, surrounded by attacking weapons.

He scored twice late in a 3-0 win over West Ham with goals Neville believes were a huge boost to his confidence.

And he believes Abraham will become a crucial part of Lampard’s squad but, like Firmino, must keep scoring to keep similar criticisms at bay.

Gary Neville thinks Tammy Abraham could become Chelsea’s version of Roberto Firmino

“He has to score 12-15 goals,” Neville said of Abraham on Sky Sports Monday Night Football.

“He’s not going to score 25 goals, but the pressure will come on him when people say ‘Chelsea need a goalscorer’.

“I know they have Werner who will score over wide areas, but when the center forward doesn’t score 15 goals, 20 goals per season, he will be under pressure.

Tammy Abraham scored twice against West Ham as he was given a start by Frank Lampard

“He has to get those goals at the start of the season. I think there is a huge relief on her face doing this interview.

“I mean he could be the Firmino. You see Firmino at Liverpool who is sometimes questioned a bit for not having enough goals.

“But I don’t think someone who knows football questions him and what he brings, so the other two get more praise and score goals.

“But he does a lot of work for the team which obviously supports that.

“I just think at Chelsea he will be under pressure – a young striker, England center-forward.

“He just needs to keep scoring goals just to keep people away from him and make sure those clouds don’t form. ”


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