Fugitive twin arrested in connection with the robbery of a jewel in Dresden | Germany


German police have arrested one of the two wanted fugitive twins for the spectacular theft of 18th-century jewelry from a museum in Dresden last year.

Dresden police spokesman Marko Laske said on Tuesday that a 21-year-old man was arrested in Berlin. He said more details would be released later.

German police arrested three people last month in connection with the theft of a large diamond brooch, a diamond epaulet and other treasures from the Green Vault Museum in Dresden in November 2019.

The suspects, aged 23 to 26, have been charged with organized theft and arson. Police at the time released photos of two other people wanted on the same charges, identifying them as Abdul Majed Remmo, 21, and Mohamed Remmo, 21.

Photos made available by the Dresden police show Mohamed Remmo, left, and Abdul Majed Remmo. Photograph: Police / EPA document

It was not immediately clear which of the Remmo twins had been arrested on Monday and which remained at large.

Searches in more than a dozen locations did not reveal the missing elements.

Members of the Remmo family were convicted this year for an equally spectacular theft, the theft of a 100kg Canadian gold coin known as the Big Maple Leaf from the Bode Museum in Berlin in 2017.

The coin, valued at an estimated 3.75 million euros, was not recovered and authorities speculated that it was likely cut into smaller pieces and sold.

Some of the jewelry stolen from the Green Vault Museum in 2019.
Some of the jewelry stolen from the Green Vault Museum in 2019. Photograph: Juergen Karpinski / AP

The Green Vault is one of the oldest museums in the world. It was created in 1723 and contains the treasure of Augustus II the Fort of Saxony, comprising around 4,000 objects in gold, precious stones and other materials.

Shortly after the theft, authorities offered a reward of € 500,000 for information leading to the recovery of the jewelry or the arrest of the thieves.


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