French star Katoto overtakes World Cup setback and gets closer to 100 PSG goals


At 22, the striker is approaching a milestone that many players are unable to reach throughout their careers.

Paris Saint-Germain women’s striker Marie-Antoinette Katoto insisted she had moved beyond her surprise snub for France’s 2019 World Cup squad to focus on the present as she s was approaching the club’s 100 goals after only turning 22.
Last summer, France head coach Corinne Deacon surprisingly left Katoto from her 23-man squad, despite the 20-year-old being the French league’s top scorer with 22 goals.

Deacon’s decision has not been confirmed as the hosts crashed out of the World Cup for the eventual winners of the United States in the quarterfinals.

Katoto, who finished 23rd in the 2020 Goal 50, didn’t let the snub stand in her way, and she continued to excel for PSG to the point where she has now reached 99 goals for her club.

As she nears the 100-goal mark, Katoto said her mentality was key to overcoming a difficult setback.

“My situation with Les Bleus was not a big problem,” said Katoto Goal. “I have always stayed focused on my job. I listen to my coaches a lot. They are the first to help me with my development. ”

On her World Cup snub, she added: “It’s the past. Today, I look to the future. ”

Katoto is now a regular on the Deacon squad and admitted that the current squad would have failed if they didn’t win a major trophy in the years to come.

” Yes. It would be a failure, ”Katoto said. “The France team is one of the greatest nations, among girls, men or in our youth teams. We have always been a favorite in every competition. We have to gain something with the next generation. ”

Katoto started his career as a defender, but his transformation into one of the best strikers in the world was aided by studying videos of two of the men’s all-time top scorers.

“I started out as a defender, but I was immediately drawn to the goal. That’s why I played higher on the pitch, ”Katoto said. “I worked on knowing when to do my shopping, when to shoot and how.

“I watched the best strikers on TV or on Internet videos. I like R9 [Ronaldo] a lot for example, as I love Cristiano Ronaldo. ”

As she approaches a milestone that many forwards will never reach, let alone at the age of 22, Katoto has expressed her joy at being able to do so with her childhood club.

“It’s an incredible thing. Scoring 100 goals for your club is wonderful, ”Katoto said. “I can’t dream of anything better than reaching this legendary stage with Paris Saint-Germain. ”


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