France plans a vaccination campaign against the coronavirus from April


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France aims to launch a major vaccination campaign against COVID-19 between April and June of next year, President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday.

Early 2021 will see a first vaccination campaign targeted at the most fragile and most exposed groups, followed by a second campaign for the rest of the population, Macron said during a press briefing at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

Prime Minister Jean Castex, addressing Parliament, added that residents of nursing homes – where 16,000 people out of a nationwide total of over 52,000 have died from COVID – and some staff would be given priority for them. vaccinations.

The whole world is hoping that COVID vaccines could be ready for use by the end of this year received a boost when U.S. company Moderna said it was filing for emergency clearance on Monday. vaccine in the United States and Europe.

Another vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech has also been submitted for approval on both sides of the Atlantic in recent days, with both inoculations claiming an efficacy of around 95%.

Pfizer / BioNTech predicted their vaccine could be enlightened in the United States shortly after December 10, while the European drugs regulator said on Tuesday it would decide by December 29 whether to grant them approval for approval. emergency, before the treatment of Moderna.

Macron said the likely limited availability of vaccines in late December or early January meant mass vaccinations would have to wait.

Harsh storage conditions for first-generation vaccines also made widespread deployment impossible, he said.

Priority would be given first to people over 75 and health workers, then to all people over 50, and then to people in jobs at high risk of infection or living in precarious social conditions.

The government faces a difficult task convincing an increasingly vaccine-skeptical nation of the merits of getting the vaccine.

A survey published in the newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche this weekend showed that only 41% of French people planned to be vaccinated.

Macron reiterated his promise that the shots would not be compulsory, saying France would adopt “a strategy of persuasion and transparency.”

French health authorities said on Monday that the death toll from the virus had reached 52,731.

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