France confirms serious bird flu epidemic in duck farm


France confirms a serious epidemic of bird flu in a duck farm. image: Twitter

FRANCE confirms that the severe outbreak of avian flu on a duck farm is the first outbreak of the virus this year.

The French Ministry of Agriculture has announced an outbreak of highly contagious H5N8 avian influenza in a duck farm in the southwest, confirming the first outbreak of the virus in France this year. The new cases of avian flu were first reported on Monday, December 7, but at the time it was not clear what strain of the virus it was.

Bird flu has reportedly spread rapidly across Europe, putting the poultry industry on high alert after previous outbreaks led to the culling of tens of millions of birds.

“The national reference laboratory of ANSES confirmed (Tuesday) the infection of a farm of 6,000 ducks by the H5N8 virus in the commune of Benesse-Maremne (Landes), in which a high mortality was observed on the 5th December, ”the ministry said. on Twitter. A security zone was put in place around the farm on December 7, involving additional surveillance, a ban on the movement of poultry and additional sanitary measures.
The Ministry of Agriculture has already detected the H5N8 virus on birds sold in three pet stores. Investigations later revealed that the wild birds had been sold by the same person in northern France.

Avian influenza in the UK
At least 30,000 turkeys had to be slaughtered on December 6, leading to possible shortages during the Christmas season. A protection zone has been put in place around the Norfolk farm, imposing additional biosecurity measures and restricting the movement of poultry, eggs and meat within a 3 km radius.

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