France announces random checks to prevent skiers from crossing borders, spreading Covid-19


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                La France effectuera des contrôles aux frontières aléatoires pour empêcher les personnes d'être infectées par Covid-19 en traversant des pays où les stations de ski restent ouvertes, a déclaré mercredi le Premier ministre Jean Castex.

                                    <p>Les mesures, visant également à apaiser les exploitants de stations balnéaires français se plaignant d'un terrain de jeu inégal, s'appliqueront aux frontières de la France avec la Suisse et l'Espagne, où il est prévu que les pistes de ski seront ouvertes pendant les fêtes.

“The objective is to prevent French citizens from being contaminated. This will be done by installing random border controls, ”Castex told BFM TV, reiterating France’s decision to keep its ski lifts closed at Christmas.

Germany and Italy share France’s position, but with Austria, as well as Spain and Switzerland, which are leaning towards opening their ski resorts, the subject has become a divisor in Europe, although Castex hinted that there was still room for a deal.

“We will put in place … a quarantine, which means that we will carry out random border checks and the possibility for the authorities to order a quarantine of seven days”, declared the French Prime Minister.

“But diplomacy is still at stake, the dice have not been entirely cast (on a European ski deal),” added Castex.

During the first wave of infections last season, some ski centers became fertile grounds for the coronavirus, accelerating its spread across Europe.




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