Ford “really pushes” to end 14-day quarantine for returning travelers


TORONTO – Ontario Premier Doug Ford has said he is still working to “end” the 14-day quarantine for travelers returning to Canada from overseas.
Ford made the comment Wednesday afternoon after being asked whether restrictions on the border between Canada and the United States should be tightened given the growing number of COVID-19 cases in both countries .

In response to the question, Ford said it was still pushing to replace the quarantine with a rapid COVID-19 testing program, similar to what Alberta implemented earlier this year.

Under this plan, international travelers are given a COVID-19 test upon entering Canada before entering quarantine. If the test is negative, these travelers are allowed to leave quarantine but will have to take another test six or seven days after their initial arrival.

“We are currently working with the federal government at Toronto Pearson to reduce downtime when you return,” said Ford. “You have to quarantine yourself for 14 days, we want to eliminate that. ”

“I’m really pushing it because if you can land and you can get tested right away and then get tested, I think it’s five to seven days later, and they’re both negative, you should to be able to continue on your way. ”

Ford said it expects a response later Wednesday afternoon on the status of the pilot project.

Ford added that he believed the federal government needed to “step up” on returning travelers and at the very least take people’s temperatures.

“Don’t let them just get off and get in a cab and they go,” Ford said.

He also said he believed some people did not follow quarantine rules when they returned to Canada.


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