Fans React to Matthew Morrison’s “The Grinch Musical” on NBC!


Dr Seuss’ musical The Grinch! airs NOW on NBC – and viewers have a lot to say about it!

Leading the cast is Matthew Morrison in the role of the Grinch, looking almost unrecognizable in all that makeup and the famous green costume. He also revealed how long it took him to dress up as The Grinch.

While watching the show, fans had some very interesting opinions on this updated version of the iconic Christmas story.

One thing a lot of people seem to be talking about on Twitter is how Matthieu (like The Grinch) often breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly to the camera.

“When Matthew Morrison started speaking directly to the camera, my soul left my body #GrinchMusical”, a person tweeted.

Many people have said that this version of Le grinch is exactly what they expected in the crazy year that is 2020.

“Could we expect something else from #GrinchMusical in 2020?” another fan tweeted.

Check out more fan reactions to The Grinch Musical inside!


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