Eric Bischoff in his last WWE run: “There was no open mind to new ways of doing things”


Eric Bischoff had a brief stint as executive director of WWE SmackDown last year, taking charge of the blue brand in June until his dismissal in October.
In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Bischoff opened up about his last experience with WWE and why he had different expectations when taking the job.

Bischoff said that while he wasn’t “badly sold” on what the job entailed, he expected more autonomy and open-mindedness from superiors.

“There wasn’t nearly the autonomy I was hoping for,” Bischoff said. “There wasn’t an open mind to new ways of doing things which either I allowed myself to believe there would be or I was made to believe there would be, I am not sure what is true even to this day.

He continued, “I would say it was probably me who allowed myself to believe something that was no more true than being misled, I will take responsibility for that. But I think there was a bit of it. ”

When Bischoff and Paul Heyman were hired as new bosses for SmackDown and Raw respectively, a number of reports suggested WWE was going to take a new approach to the creative process. However, Bischoff was quickly confronted with reality.

“There really wasn’t a new approach,” Bischoff said. “It was the same approach with different people and it didn’t really suit. ”

That said, Bischoff has stated that he has no grudges against WWE.

“I enjoyed my time in WWE. There was nothing personal about it. I’m not really familiar with dating apps, but I can only imagine that some people who use them look at a profile and say, ‘Wow, they’re gonna be perfect for me, let’s go out.

“Then they go to dinner and within 20 minutes they can’t wait to get home because the chemistry just isn’t there, the expectations and the chemistry are disconnecting somewhere.

“So I think it was,” he added. “It was more a chemistry problem than anything else. ”

Bischoff made two appearances for AEW Dynamite since its release by WWE.


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